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Six Ways to Travel Hands Free

 Sometimes when you’re traveling, it seems that you never have enough hands for everything that you need to carry. If you’re balancing a duffel bag and a camera but you still want to be able to access your credit cards, phone, etc easily, you may be wondering what’s the best way to travel hands-free. Here are a few tips that can work great for you.

1.Attachment Accessories


At can be easy to lose track of your glasses or your hat, and it’s annoying to have to hold them in your hand when you don’t want to wear them. One good solution is to use hats and glasses with a string. 

Simply push your hat back off your head and let your glasses dangle around your neck so that you won’t have to hold on to them, but you won’t lose them either.

2. Backpacks

Backpacks are the quintessential hand-free way to carry things. Put the weight of what you need to carry on your back and shoulders instead of weighing down your arms with everything. 

If you don’t need to access things quickly, a backpack is an ideal solution. For carrying heavier loads for longer periods, backpacks are very helpful.

3. Belt Bag

A belt bag is a good solution for carrying things that you need to access conveniently. When you want to be able to pull out your phone, your credit cards, etc. without having to dig through a backpack or purse, the belt bag is perfect. 

Keep your hands free to hold a camera or juggle other luggage while still having the things that you need easy access to readily available. A high-quality leather belt bag can be very stylish as well. You can also choose a gold chain accessory so that you can wear the bag over your shoulder or around your waist as you like.

4.Utilize Pockets

Pockets are a great way to keep things available if you don’t want to carry anything and you don’t want to be loaded down with bags. It’s best to have pockets that close with a button or zipper if you will be in crowds to avoid being pickpocketed. 

Incorporate a trench coat with lots of pockets into your winter traveling style, and you’ll find it much easier to take everything that you need without having to carry anything.

5. Wear Bags Across Your Chest

If you want a purse or bag to go with your outfit, but you will be traveling places where you need to carry things with you, and you don’t want to have your hands occupied with a strap, wear a bag across your chest. A bag with an adjustable strap can go from being across the chest to a hand purse when you get to your destination. 

The advantage of having a long strap that goes across your chest is that you can push the bag onto your back. The bag on your back keeps your hands completely free and making it easier to walk longer distances.

6. Try a Messenger Bag

Messenger bags go across your chest, but they also make it much easier to access some sorts of objects inside. If you carry lots of papers or larger objects with you, a messenger bag can be a wonderful solution that makes it easy to access what you need without having to occupy your hands.

Enjoy Hands-free Traveling

Traveling hands-free is a lot of fun. You’ll find it much easier and more convenient to travel when your hands are available to interact with your environment as you like, snap pictures, and be free while you’re walking.

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