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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe

A closet filled with winter clothing might include a combination of pieces like sweaters, boots, jeans and even warmer items like wool coats and hats. Any great cold-weather outfit using these pieces is rooted in a solid layering technique so you don’t get cold and can shed a layer or two based on indoor temperature levels. Even with this smart way of dressing, your winter outfits might still be lacking. If you find yourself bored with your winter outfits this year, don’t consider a full closet reset. Instead, check out these simple ways to liven up your winter wardrobe and spice things up.

A Fresh Air Mindset

Just as the air turns crisp and cold during the winter, prepare your winter wardrobe mindset in the same way. You might think about starting off the season by taking inventory of what you already have in terms of winter clothing and go from there. Is there something you’ve been keeping year after year even if you don’t wear it? Do you have some tired sweaters that might need to be replaced? Consider these questions as you look through what you have and don’t be afraid to let go of older things that you no longer wear. This goes for old jeans that don’t fit, trendy pieces that are out of style and even your women’s panties and bra collections that are in need of a refresh! This will leave some wiggle room in your closet so you can clearly see what you have when getting dressed, making it easier to freshen up your winter outfits. 

  • Add a Little Extra Shaping Power: With all the thick outerwear and layering, it’s easy for a winter outfit to make you look bigger than you actually are. Instead of feeling less than fabulous in your cold-weather duds, slip on a piece of shapewear for women before a dress, jumpsuit or other special occasion piece. This way, your figure will be accentuated, contoured and shaped, making it more pronounced even through an extra layer or two. Added perks like comfortable fabric and butt-lifting power make shapewear a secret weapon for any winter wardrobe!

Add a Little Extra Shaping Power

  • Play with Pastels: While colors like black, brown, gray and navy tend to dominate many winter looks, there’s no rule against wearing colors inspired by warmer seasons during the winter months. Adding in a lighter color in a cool pastel shade can give a sunny feeling to a winter outfit and make the look softer altogether. It’s super easy to add pastels into the mix in the form of winter hats, scarves, coats, socks and sweaters. 
  • Mix Textures: An entire look made from cotton or wool is easy to overlook because there’s no way to break up the different pieces. This might make the outfit seem bland or boring. However, you can add some visual excitement to your winter closet by implementing pieces with different fabrics and textures. Start by making a point of what you wear most and then add variation to your most-worn styles. For example, if black leggings are a staple in your winter wardrobe, go for a faux leather version or even a pair made from velvet or suede. This works with many different articles of clothing as well. Think about mixing shiny materials with matte ones, textured with smooth and so on.


  • Experiment with Bold Colors: In addition to pastels, winter-inspired statement colors are always a great option when it comes to creating a lively winter outfit. Much like pastel hues, dark and rich winter colors pair well with each other and make for a cohesive look and a nice alternative to an all black ensemble. Think about incorporating garnet, emerald green, cobalt blue, deep purples and even a warm mustard shade into your winter outfits. This even works as great lingerie inspiration for your next sexy bra purchase
  • Go for Sparkling Accessories: While knits and thermal pieces are often considered the most practical winter accessories, things that sparkle and shine will be sure to turn heads. Even though they won’t keep you warm in the cold, shiny or metallic-inspired accessories can take any winter outfit up to the next level. If you’re dressing casual, go for a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings to bring some attention to your face and freshen up the look. More elevated occasions might call for a maxi dress, which you can wear with a metallic or embellished belt that will also accentuate your waistline. As a general rule, patent, shimmery or metallic bags and nail colors never fail to spice up a monochromatic winter outfit.

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