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Are Lash Extensions Safe?

Once any new beauty trend comes, people are always quick to scrutinize their safety before jumping on board. Although lash extension is not a new fashion trend, one question that has lingered is about their safety. The first thing you should know is that if they are not safe they would have long become extinct. The fact that lash extensions are still in vogue means that they are safe and have gained wide acceptance. This post will tell you all you need to know about lash extensions as well as dispel any fear that has been holding you back from giving it a try.

How do you apply lash extensions?


If applied correctly, lash extensions are totally safe. Interestingly, the application process is pretty simple. Although the procedure can be challenging, anyone with an interest can learn about it in minutes. The steps are as follows:

  •         Hold the lash extension with a pair of tweezers
  •         Dip the base in a glue
  •         Use another pair of tweezers to separate the natural lashes
  •         Place the lash extension that you dipped in the glue on an isolated natural lash
  •         Hold in place for a few seconds for both to bond together

In just a few simple steps you are done. It is a slow process but the result is simply remarkable. On average, from 40 to 100 lash extensions are applied to each eye. Lash extensions will be shed with your natural lash.

What problem may arise from the use of lash extensions?

When lash extensions are applied by an amateur, the first source of concern is how close the sharp tweezers get to your eyes. However, when done by a professional in the salon or spa, you need not worry about that. The primary of concern when it comes to lash extensions usually come from the glue used for the bonding. The glues contain chemicals that may irritate the eyes or lead to allergic reactions. Other problems that may arise include:

  •         Temporary loss of eyelashes
  •         Swollen eyelids

When eyelashes are too long, they create a fanlike effect when you blink which can lead to dry eyes. Inasmuch as lash extensions are safe, it is important to abstain from them if you witness any form of irritation when using them. However, some of these symptoms may resolve on their own.

How can you make eyelash extensions safer?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has set aside some guidelines to ensure safer use of lash extensions. Adhering to these rules will boost your safety and avoid any adverse reactions. They include:

  •         Make sure that your lash extensions are fixed by a certified aesthetician working in a reputable organization
  •         Keep a keen eye on the personal hygiene practices of the aesthetician—particularly adequate hand washing
  •         The FDA doesn’t regulate eyelash extension products, therefore, you should be ready to do your own research including checking the ingredients used in the glue

What is the safe way of removing lash extensions?

As some lashes fall off, you may want the rest removed for an even look. The best choice is to go back to the salon for the aesthetician to take them off. However, if for some reason you want to do it at home, lean over a steaming (not boiling) water for about 10 minutes. Then, use a cotton q-tip dipped in olive oil to wipe the extension until it begins to fall off. Avoid getting the oil into your eyes.


As you have seen, lash extensions are safe. Thankfully, with advancing technology, manufacturers are able to produce nonirritant glues. Ideally, when you use the right products, the issue of safety will be the least of your worries.


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