Shaving Hair Removal

Shaving Hair Removal

This is not at all right. Hair grows faster and becomes coarse after shaving is a complete fallacy. However, hairs do grow within 24 hours after shaving but this does not mean that hair growth is stimulated. This is all because shaving cuts hairs just at the surface. Coarseness of hairs is all because of the fact that shaving leaves

airs with blunt tips. Shaving as a method of extra hair removal should be avoided on face for women. However it is one of the most commonly used method for getting rid of extra hairs from legs and underarms.

Nicking the skin is however a disadvantage in shaving but it could be reduced by using swivel head razor and shaving at a slower pace. A certain amount of carefulness is all required for a smooth and nick free results. Electronic razors could be a better choice if you want a tension free shaving routine.

Steps of shaving for removing extra hairs (razor):

  1. Wet your skin and apply soap on it, which will help razor to glide over your skin.
  2. Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs.
  3. Use sharp razors to shave especially underarms.
  4. Do not shave on area around nipples, face, bikini line and thighs.
  5. Do not shave on areas where angles are difficult to get right thus avoid risk of nicking.
  6. Avoid using anti-perspirant or deodorant for at least 12 hours after shaving.

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