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How to Restore Life into Dry, Dead Hair

If you’ve recently noticed that the quality of your hair isn’t the best, then you’re probably looking for ways to restore some life back into it. Thanks to an abundance of novel ways to style, colour and treat your hair, it’s never been easier to give yourself salon-worthy locks from the comfort of your own home.

But many of these treatments can also damage your hair, leaving it feeling weak, dry and brittle. Heat, hair dyes and hair products have the ability to cause long-lasting damage to our hair follicles- but the good news is that there are a huge variety of treatments out there to help restore life into damaged hair:

1.  Condition, condition, condition


Now this might be an obvious point, but before you roll your eyes and click away, we want to make sure that you’re completely informed as to which conditioner you should be using. Unsurprisingly, the cheaper conditioners don’t tend to do the job as well as a pricier version- and if they’re not doing the job well, then there really is no point in using them.

An important piece of advice is to choose a moisturising conditioner that has a focus on restoring life back into heat or chemically damaged hair. If your roots are prone to getting greasy, then simply use the conditioner on the mid-to-end lengths of your hair each time you shampoo. Follow up with a weekly treatment mask for optimal results.

A good hairdresser will be able to help you choose the right products for your hair. Search for Best Hairdressers Sydney for expert advice.

2.  Take Care when Styling

It doesn’t take a genius to know that heat is bad for your hair, but if you’re someone who can’t go without your daily blow dry or curl, then it’s good to know how you can protect your hair as much as possible while styling it.

Always use your heating devices on the lowest setting possible, and make sure to spritz your hair with some heat protective spray before you begin. From shampoos to serums and sprays, the ingredients in any hair care products are also worth noting. Fragrances and alcohols are the worst culprits for drying out your hair and are found in a worrying number of products, so make sure to carefully read the label before making a purchase.

If you are looking for a simple, low maintenance hair style that works on all hair types, then you will love the Yaki clip in hair style. The Yaki is a professional salon and medical designed system that give you a permanent, reliable hair clip that you can wear as often as you like. It is very simple to use and easy to style and can be worn with any type of hair – short, long or curly. The system uses a special reusable clip that is designed to fit the shape of your hair and to help prevent tangling. With the Yaki clip ins hair style, you have a professional quality hair accessory that is designed to help you look your best and to give your hair the professional touch it deserves.

3.  Switch-up Your Diet

It can be easy to forget that our diets have a direct impact on our body’s health- and that goes further than what’s on the inside. Our physical appearance can also change drastically depending on what we eat (everyone has heard of dairy causing acne) so why not take the challenge of eating your way to good hair?

The advice of drinking lots of water might be cliché, but it will help your hair from the inside. A diet full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals will help to add a protective layer to your hair and retain moisture- so make sure you’re eating lots of fruit and veg! A great way to up your nutrients intake is by making a daily smoothie packed with your favourite fruit and veg. You’ll start to see results in no time!

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