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A Daily Beauty Ritual to take care of your Skin more than ever

any of us don’t get outdoors these days, but our skin still needs our care . In fact, now that we are at home it is especially important to continue taking care of ourselves and maintaining good facial care habits to show off healthy skin.

Our skin is an essential organ that breathes and lives, made up of cells, tissues, water, lipids and many more components. It is the reflection of our personality and our emotions , that these days it is difficult that they are not altered, even though we are not aware of it.



Healthy skin knows how to regulate itself, maintaining its natural balance of hydration, nutrition and regeneration . However, our lifestyle and factors such as genetics, hormones and the aging process influence our skin, which can lose its balance in a timely or lasting way.

On the delicate skin of the face this process becomes even more visible. Being locked up at home, the lack of sun exposure and movement, as well as the concern we may be experiencing, can make the skin look duller and more sensitive.

To maintain and restore skin health, Weleda offers you to follow a daily beauty ritual with completely natural products that work hand in hand with the body’s own processes to help the skin remember how to maintain its natural balance . A complete and effective treatment that, in addition to improving the state of your skin, will provide you with a pleasant feeling of well-being.

For this, Weleda combines the wisdom of nature and its pharmaceutical experience with an expert and deep knowledge of plants and their properties . That is why its cosmetics are unique: they stimulate the skin’s own self-regulating forces, taking care of it from the inside and keeping it healthy and naturally beautiful.


With just four basic cares you can help your skin a lot. Take it as a gift that you give yourself , a complete facial that will keep your skin well hydrated, healthy and beautiful.


It is the first step in skin care, an essential gesture to show off healthy and vital skin. Misuse of products can dry out the skin surface and cause irritation and a feeling of discomfort. It is essential to clean the skin morning and night and then apply our facial care products. Weleda has different textures to clean and tone the skin without drying it out: foam, milk, lotion and tonic. They remove makeup and dirt residue and prepare the skin to receive all the benefits of your facial care.


Serums are powerful, highly effective active concentrates with a waterier texture than creams or fluids. By including a serum in our beauty ritual we are enhancing the effect of the creams that we apply below and favoring the natural processes of skin regulation. Weleda has two serums: the Firming and Antioxidant Serum of Pomegranate and the Illuminating Redensifying Serum of Evening Primrose .


Creams and fluids help us protect the skin against external aggressions. Depending on the assets of each product, we will address different concerns and needs of our skin. The difference between a cream and a fluid is mainly its texture: fluids are aimed at normal to combination / oily skin, while creams are indicated for normal to dry / very dry skin.


The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than that of the rest of the face, therefore it is essential to use products suitable for this specific area in its care. As your skin is , you can choose from three eye contours Weleda: The Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Rosehip First , the Eye Firming and Granada Antioxidant and Eye & Lip Redensifying Onagra Illuminator .

Weleda has six ranges of products : Cleansing, Intensive Hydration (iris), Soothing for Sensitive Skin (almond), First Wrinkles (rosehip), Firming Antioxidant (pomegranate) and Illuminating Redensifying (evening primrose). Proper choice of products best suited to the needs of our skin is the key to a healthy and naturally beautiful skin.

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