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7 Reasons to Participate in a Lash Rewards Program

As business owners, we want to save as much money as possible. We cannot, however, compromise on the quality or performance of any of the products we utilize for our lash extensions. Many of us have brand or product preferences, making it even more difficult to save a few dollars.

This is why it is a wonderful idea to join loyalty rewards programs such as Cartel Lash’s loyalty program! We outlined seven reasons why eyelash extension enthusiasts, such as you, should join a lash rewards program.

1. Participate in a lash rewards program to earn discounts and privileges.


When you join a rewards program, you earn points for specified retail actions. You can earn reward points by performing the following actions:

  • Purchasing lash extension supplies and accessories
  • Referring a friend
  • Signing up for a rewards program
  • Subscribing to the newsletter
  • Leaving a review on the product you purchased
  • Sharing your social media accounts
  • For your birthday

Reward points can be used to acquire discount coupons and eyelash extension goods. When you earn enough points, you may exchange them for higher-value discount vouchers, which will allow you to save even more on your next purchase. Alternatively, you can trade them in for some of your preferred lash extension supplies and accessories.

2. Convenient shopping with a lash rewards program

When you purchase lash supplies, Lash supply companies make it simple to shop and earn more points through a lash rewards program. For instance, with the Cartel Lash rewards program, you get points automatically with each purchase and can earn additional points through referrals, product evaluations, and more. Additionally, it’s simple to redeem your points for discounts or merchandise; the entire process is uncomplicated, simple, and quick.

3. Instant access to a program’s prizes

After redeeming your points, you may login your account and view all of the available items and discounts. If you wish to gain additional points, you may do so while continuing your store activity.

When your lashes and eyelash extension supplies arrive, you can give a review on the item you ordered. By instance, you can earn 25 points for writing a review of a product you purchased. However, the number of points earned through product reviews is limited. You can earn points for only one review per purchased product and only twice a week. Anything above that will result in a loss of points.

4. In a rewards program, you can redeem points for modest or major purchases.

If you accumulate sufficient points, you can redeem discount coupons and lash extension products from the loyalty rewards program. We offered a variety of discount codes in the Cartel Lash Loyalty Program, ranging from $20 OFF to $250 OFF. Additionally, there is a 10% discount code that allows you to save even more money if you purchase more. Additionally, we included our best-selling Black Supreme Lash Glue as well as additional eyelash extension supplies.

5. Be notified of unique promotions within a rewards program.

When you join a loyalty rewards program, you’ll be the first to learn about and receive information about upcoming deals. That is, you can prepare even before the promotion begins! This way, while the deal is active, you’ll be among the first lash enthusiasts to benefit from discounts and other special offers.

6. Tailored customer service through a rewards program to fulfill all of your needs

To further entice lash fanatics, the rewards program now includes particularly specialized customer service. This unique level of customer attention is available only to members of the loyalty rewards program. We are all aware of the critical nature of customer service and how difficult and time-consuming it is to communicate with and exchange emails with a customer support agent. However, if you are a member of the loyalty rewards program, you will be included to the VIP list, making it easier and faster to communicate with and speak with customer support personnel.

7. A rewards program can help you save money in the long term.

We are all aware of the critical nature of quality. We want stunning and long-lasting eyelash extensions. That is why it is natural to have preferred brands and lash extension materials. It’s difficult to save money without sacrificing quality.

However, if you join the loyalty rewards program, you will earn points for each purchase and can use them for discount coupons. You will still be able to save more money in the long run.

Why should you sign up for the Cartel Lash Rewards Program?

The Cartel Lash loyalty program is designed to reward you with incentives or points for purchasing lash extension materials from us, leaving a review, sharing our items on your social media profiles, and referring our store to other lash artists. We also honor customers on their birthdays! After sign-up in our rewards program, you will immediately receive 50 reward points!

All of the points you earn can subsequently be used for various eyelash extension supplies and goods, as well as discount coupons.

At Cartel Lash, we appreciate all of our wonderful and loyal customers. That is why we included our best-selling lash glue among the products eligible for points redemption. By accumulating 650 points, you can obtain Black Supreme Lash Adhesive that dries quickly. Additionally, you can purchase discount coupons to receive up to $250 off your next purchase.

We want to demonstrate our appreciation for your patronage by delivering superior service, high-quality lash extension products, and an easy-to-earn reward point system through our loyalty rewards program.

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