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6 Gorgeous Items To Wear In The Bedroom

There’s always a big conversation around what to wear to bed. Are you team – as bare as the day you were born, or do you prefer comfortable pajamas? We can all agree with whichever side you settle on; there are some gorgeous items for the bedroom, including those for more intimate moments. 

With the choice available, it can be challenging to know what you’ll love for different occasions. So here are a few examples of top bedroom outfits for all types of activities.  

Silk pajamas 


Silk is a beautiful fabric for sweet slumber. This material is comfortable and soft and glides over the skin. There is a wide selection of silk pajama options available, including complete set co-ords and shorts examples. For those getting hot under the sheets, silk is the sultry selection with a range of bra, panties, and suspenders to choose from. 


A babydoll look is perfect for comfort and style in the bedroom. These items are generally made from pretty lace or sexy silk, and the texture glides beautifully over the skin. There is a wide selection of designs, which accentuate the figure and support the bosom. A babydoll is also perfect for pairing with lingerie, including cute styles and those that set the pulse racing. 

Lace teddy 

While a teddy may not exactly be for sleeping, it’s gorgeous nonetheless. A lace teddy or bodysuit perfectly hugs your curves and oozes beauty. The selection of styles gives you plenty of options for bedroom activities. Plus, the popper function enables easy access when things heat up. So if you’re looking for something sexy for the bedroom, this is a great choice. Plus, why not check out other fabulous products at wetforher.com to enjoy a steamy night in. 

Mesh sets 

Mesh is a super lightweight option for the bedroom. It’s a great option for layering over pretty bralettes and lingerie or making a statement with nothing underneath. The selection of mesh sets also offers a wide range of colors and styles, including co-ord short sets. 

Lace-trimmed pajamas

If you’re looking for function and style, a lace-trimmed pajama set is a perfect choice. This set offers all the comfort of jersey fabric but with an added touch of sass with the lace trimming. In addition, many sets are designed with a babydoll style top, which accentuates the bosom area and smoothes over the waist and hips. You can also choose from shorts or trousers options depending on your preference. 

Sleep romper 

Rompers are the perfect addition to your sleepwear. They come in either cute and cozy vibes or sexy and sassy numbers. This design is available in full-length versions and shorts options. Plus, many have little details to add the wow factor to your bedroom looks. 

No matter whether you want to feel comfy, sexy, or a bit of both in the bedroom, there is a wide selection of options, perfect for everyone. Explore top sleepwear brands for more inspiration and refresh your look. 

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