Ways to Create the Perfect Rhinestone Eye Makeup Look

Ways to Create the Perfect Rhinestone Eye Makeup Look

Eye makeup has come a long way from pastel looks and single eye shadow to cut the crease. Today, makeup artists have become more daring and dramatic, moving from shimmer eye shadow to rhinestones. The bejeweled look is the latest eye makeup trend. It involves the use of rhinestones and glitter makeup for the ultimate glitzy look. 

Rhinestone glitter makeup tutorial sessions can help beginners perfect the look. Here are tips on how to create the perfect rhinestone eye makeup look. 

Eyelid Makeup Look


You can adorn your eyelids with rhinestones for the perfect eye makeup look. The gems help make a bold statement that looks great in photos. Rhinestones are versatile, and they can replace eyeliner, creating a more colorful result. Applying a concealer on the eyelid will help hide any shadows or veins. 

Setting powder will create a dry area to apply the rhinestones. Apply makeup glue and the right size rhinestone to enhance the shape. You can use a shimmering eye shadow as a base for your rhinestone makeup look. 

Accenting the Brow Bone

Lining your brow bone with rhinestones will help highlight your features. If you want a simple look, use a single row of your favorite rhinestones. For a more dazzling look, apply rhinestones from the brow crease to the arch. It will result in a more dramatic and intricate design. 

You can choose primary colors to highlight your eyes. After allowing the rhinestones to set, dab some highlight along the brow bone to complete the look.

A Gem-lined Crease

Rhinestone eye makeup can help accent the cut crease look. Placement is vital when highlighting the creases. Place the gems carefully using tweezers, and make sure to stick them on well. 

Pairing the stones with a matte lid will create the perfect contrast for your crease. Remember, glittering makeup is all about color, texture, and light. Map out your desired placement before you begin the application. 

Under-eye Makeup

You can create a glamorous undereye makeup look using rhinestones. Apply the rhinestones below the eyes, across the lash line. You can place the gems in a straight line, or you can use an elaborate design for a more artistic look. 

Apart from enhancing the under-eye area, rhinestones can help hide under-eye bags. The look can work perfectly with or without eyeliner. 

Create Perfect Eyebrows

You can highlight your perfectly shaped eyebrows with glitter or rhinestones. If you have some flaws in your eyebrows, you can use the gems to fill the gaps instead of eyeliner. The glittering stones will help draw attention to the upper part of your face. 

It is good news if you are still wearing masks. You can use gems to create a sharp wing on the side of the brow. Outlining the shape you want will help ensure the proper placement. 


Placement is crucial when using rhinestones. To make sure that your eye makeup lasts, apply the rhinestones carefully. Hold them in place to ensure that they remain firm. Use the best makeup products to avoid harming your skin.

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