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The Best Gifts for Every Type of Guy in Your Life

A gift is a great way to communicate your love, gratitude, or appreciation to that special man in your life. If only you can find the perfect gift! Gift-giving is a notoriously tricky process, regardless of the gender of the recipient.

In this day and age, it’s high time we lay off stereotypical expectations of what a man wants. Instead, look for clues in the things he already enjoys.

Here’s a simple guide to help you lessen the stress that comes with gift research and shopping. Happy gifting!

Signature Gold Page Anchor Bookmark for the Guy Who Loves Books



Is his idea of a good time being comfortably snuggled in his favorite armchair while leafing through the pages of a literary classic? Then this handcrafted signature gold page anchor is your best bet.

This 14K gold plated reading companion easily slides into a book of any size, relieving the thumb of pressure and allowing for 100 percent hands-free reading. Its elegant anchor design looks picture-perfect and guaranteed won’t harm his favorite tome’s spine.

100 Movies Bucket List Poster for the Guy Who Loves Films

Watching the best movies of all time is made even more fun with this original 100 movies scratch-off poster. This perfect gift idea for your favorite film fanatic includes 100 must-see films featured on the Insider YouTube channel.

Once you tick off a film from the featured list, simply scratch off the little square designated for that film to unveil the hidden icon underneath—kind of an artsy progress tracker. Once finished, this unique gift will make a memorable bedroom or living room poster.

Oura Ring Generation 3 for the Guy Who Loves to Work Out

The Oura ring is a next-level fitness tracking tool that collects data of the body’s core functions 24/7. With a battery life that lasts for up to a whole week, this lightweight ring provides the wearer with actionable insights to help them stay active and maintain good health.

Although a little bit pricey, the hefty $300 price tag comes with compatibility with Google Fit and Apple Health, water resistance of up to 100 meters, and availability in eight different sizes and four stylish finishes.

A Flintlock Pistol Replica for the Geeky Guy

Shopping for geeks is a lot of fun simply because there are a gazillion things that can inspire delight, even if you aren’t into them yourself.

Take this wide selection of uncanny 18th-century flintlock pistols, for example. Complete with sophisticated butt plates and antique engravings, they make the perfect addition to a unique fantasy wardrobe collection. The lock mechanisms are functional, although, for safety reasons, they’re non-fireable.

If your guy loves dressing up for role-playing events or is into collecting interesting things, any of these firearm pieces will put you in the ranks of the most thoughtful gift-givers.

Sunscreen for the Guy Who Loves the Outdoors

It’s time we actively encourage the men in our lives to take care of their skin, no matter how flawlessly acne and blemish-free they already look. Make the cocokind daily SPF lotion a staple in their outdoor packing list.

If they’re outdoorsy, chances are, they already have everything they need for their open-air soirees and adventures. Still, they might skip on the skincare part in favor of expensive hiking and camping gear.

Show you care by thinking about the things they might have neglected.

Quality Clothing for Guy Who Likes to Look Good

Style is always in vogue. You can never go wrong with quality clothing for the man who takes stock of his good looks. Whether they comfortably roll in a straight pair of black denims and a classic white tee or feel at home in dress shirts or dockside shorts, the right quality pieces will help them stay confident and stand out.

Online shopping for men’s clothing can be just as challenging as shopping for women’s fashion so make sure you shop your gifts from reliable clothing vendors.

Sony PlayStation Classic Console for the Guy Who Loves Gaming

Gamers love going retro. The experience of being instantly transported two decades back to their childhood bedrooms at the sight of that iconic splash screen is worth way more than the $80 it will cost you for this Sony PlayStation Classic Console.

This mini version of the most popular gaming console of the 90s comes with 20 classic retro game titles and two controllers that recreate the look and feel of the PlayStation’s original joypads—a real treat for someone who loves a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It makes for a fantastic gaming collectible too!

Wrapping Up

Getting someone a gift they will love can be a real challenge. When in doubt, look at the things they already love and show that you care. Regardless of whether you’re getting a present for your dad, brother, friend, or significant other, understand that the beauty of gift-giving is in the giver’s intention as much as it is in the actual gift.

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