Fashion Nova Continues $1 Million Donations with New Initiative Around International Women's Day

Fashion Nova Continues $1 Million Donations with New Initiative Around International Women’s Day

Fashion Nova is a leader in the fast fashion industry. Making catwalk fashion available to tens of thousands of women at affordable prices through its deep supply chain and quick-response manufacturing innovations, Fashion Nova has pioneered sustainable fashion by promoting fair wages and minimizing environmental impact.

Fashion Nova is also a socially conscious producer of women’s clothing. Fashion Nova’s latest initiative is a collaboration between Fashion Nova Cares and Megan Thee Stallion to celebrate “Women on Top,” a new female empowerment initiative giving a minimum of $25,000 a day to women business owners, women’s betterment organizations and charities, and female students. From International Women’s Day March 8, 2021 through the end of the month, Fashion Nova Cares and Megan Thee Stallion will donate $1 million in grants and scholarships.

Female entrepreneurs, women pursuing higher education, and organizations supporting women preselected to receive $25,000 or more


Throughout March, Fashion Nova will publicize the aspirations and accomplishments of women doing great things.

“At Fashion Nova, women empowerment and ongoing advocacy for diversity and inclusion have always been part of our guiding principles,” Richard Saghian, Founder and CEO of Fashion Nova told PR Newswire. “We believe the world will be a better place when all women are provided the opportunity to maximize their potential. This program was created to give women greater advantage as they pursue their passions.”

“I’m excited to collaborate with Fashion Nova Cares on the Women on Top initiative and be part of giving one million dollars to support women led businesses and organizations,” said Megan Thee Stallion.  “These donations are life changing and will help women of all ages get one step closer to making their dreams a reality.”

The Women on Top Initiative is only the latest iteration of Fashion Nova’s commitment to good causes.

Fashion Nova’s journey to becoming the most beloved fashion brand in the world

Retail fashion magnate Richard Saghian founded Fashion Nova in 2006. He had his start in the retail clothing industry working at his father’s boutique clothing shop in Los Angeles. Saghian opened his first brick-and-mortar location inside the Panorama Mall in Panorama City in Los Angeles, offering affordable “club wear.”

Over the next decade Saghian grew his brand in a way that seems never to have occurred to Versace, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. Saghian chose not to grow Fashion Nova with well-known designers, well-known models, and spectacular fashion shows. He didn’t move his headquarters to New York, Paris, or Milan. He intentionally builds his brand on the loyalty of millions of fans. Saghian created the fashion industry’s first “viral label.”

By the time Saghian opened his first shop in Panorama Mall, he already had 60,000 fans on Instagram. He had his own shopping app. He poised himself to grow through social media.

In 2017 alone, Fashion Nova sales grew by more than 600%. By 2019, Saghian had 15 million fans on Instagram. And he mastered the art of making every customer a viral sensation.

How to make a fashion brand viral

Saghian calls his label a viral brand. This means that Fashion Nova’s customers take photos of themselves and paste it to their personal platform, which is a small square photo on Instagram.

The key to virality is to make the ladies look like a woman next door. These everyday images are what make the success of Fashion Nova possible. Today Saghian’s label works with many women and provides them with clothes or pays them for the photos. There are no regulations as to what women wear, but the items of clothing must always be easy to recognize. Fashion Nova advertises that “every woman can be a fashion icon.”

Fashion Nova doesn’t look for women who are ultra-thin. It doesn’t seek to stun its customers with high price tags. The women it chooses for its ambassadors can be any age. Exclusivity is not the goal. Fashion Nova’s goal is for every woman to bring out her beauty with the latest fashion at a price she can afford.

Saghian’s ethical awakening

Fashion Nova came out in support of California’s SB 1399, a bill that includes a mandate that clothing companies make random audits of their suppliers to make sure workers are being paid. Fashion Nova will make sure that all workers providing its clothing lines are paid at least the Los Angeles minimum wage, which will rise to $15 an hour later in 2021.

In 2020, Fashion Nova also donated $1 million to several social justice organizations, including the NAACP Legal and Defense Fund, Know Your Rights Camp, and Black Lives Matter.

In August 2020, the company announced revolutionary reforms in its contracting practices.

Fashion Nova continues to produce joyful fashion

Fashion Nova continues a line of clothing it released in November 2018 with rapper Cardi B. Fashion Nova announced the line with a ” Party with Cardi ” event, with live performances by Cardi B, Brianna Perry, and Saweetie.

Since the Party with Cardi, Fashion Nova has collaborated with Teyana Taylor, Christina Milan, and Blac Chyna. And the brand has released a seasonal Halloween line for annual performances of their most popular brand partners at Halloween events.

At the core of Fashion Nova’s business, however, is the simple act of providing the clothes that bring out the beauty of women of all sizes and all ages without breaking the bank to look good. Fashion Nova will continue to support good causes, expanding its revenues by providing both women and men style within reach.

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