How to Make Working Out At Home More Fun

Working out can easily be done anywhere other than the gym. It’s only when we’re finding ourselves in a lazy phase that we tell ourselves we’ll start going to the gym from the next week. But working out doesn’t always require you to be lifting weights or packing it in a gym – there are always other ways of working out. 

A year into the pandemic where most countries find themselves yet in a lockdown, what can you do? Not everyone has a gymnasium in their basements or weights lying around the house. Yoga, online YouTube workout videos or even just running around your block counts as working out. There is so much you can do while keeping yourself safe in these times and doing it from the comfort of your home.

So how can you make working out at home more fun, because we know how easily it could get boring and eventually derail us from wanting to stay on track with our workout routines.

Invest In Smart Speakers


Smart speakers are going to be the best addition to your home if you don’t already have one. Smart speakers are basically Voice Assistants, just like the Google Nest with its Google Assistant, or Amazon Echo featuring Alexa – virtual assistants for your home. 

Briefly, here is what Smart Speakers are capable of. These devices are compatible with several other smart home devices and can be synced with your mobile phones and tablets. It makes it easier to place calls or send texts just by voice command – all you have to do is say “Hey Google, text mom that I’ll be there at 6”. Cool right? Not just that, but you can set schedules for other smart devices and set reminders for yourselves too. So how would Smart Speakers help in making it better to work out at home?

Play Your Entire Playlist

Smart speakers have the ability to save a playlist at your request, from your requested Music App – it could be Spotify or just straight from YouTube even. So that gives you the freedom to play anything you want, literally any song. All you have to do is call out to your device, “Hey Alexa! Play MIA by Drake”.

Control Other Devices 

Imagine getting an incoming call while you’re in the middle of meditating, or the light in the room is too bright. Just tell your Voice Assistant support to divert the call or silence your phone, and if you have smart lights installed, dim the lights with a simple voice command without having to get up and do it yourself. There’s no way your Smart Speaker leaves you with any excuse to distract yourself in the middle of a workout session.

In the same way, you can even connect your Smart TV to the Smart Speaker and play workout videos while you work out – no need to type it out with the remote. 

Set Up a Workout Space

For those of you who don’t have fancy gyms in your homes, you can always turn the guest bedroom into your personal workout room or even just a corner of any room be it your own or out in the yard. Online shopping has made it so easy to shop your personal favorites, even groceries, so why not buy a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell or even just a yoga mat? If you can buy new workout gear then of course you can get yourself a little bit of equipment that will go a long way. No excuses!

Once you have a little space in your home where you can work out, surely you’ll be more motivated to keep up with your workout routine.

There are many ways to make it fun to workout in your home, and in these times it should be a priority for those who found themselves in a break from their workout routines because of Covid-19. Find yourself a great internet provider so staying at home doesn’t frustrate you because of bad internet connectivity. Or get a Wi-Fi router so you can work out in your yard while watching online workout videos. A great router for that would be the Google Nest Router and setting up Google nest Wi-Fi router is pretty easy. So why wait? Start making your home your new workout zone!

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