11 express facial yoga moves to do every day in just a minute

Is it possible to sculpt our face from within? It seems that if. And also at zero cost. At least, this has been the case, for hundreds of years, by many women from different Asian countries, benefiting from all the beautifying effects of gymnastics and facial yoga . A beauty routine that, if followed a minimum of five or six times a week, is said to be capable of preserving the youth of the facial skin , recovering its elasticity and making it appear up to three years younger.

A priori, it may seem exaggerating to think that you can achieve all this by “grimacing”. But, if you stop to think about it, it is true that most of us put a lot of effort into taking care of our body, exercising it several times a week and keeping it as active as possible, but we completely forget about physical activity on our face. And it is that, beyond following a correct diet (for the health of the skin , it is essential to consume healthy fats such as avocado, blue fish or extra virgin olive oil) and to resort to products and beauty treatments that fit the needs of our skin, we should also finish off the care of our face with facelifts, in order to relax the 57 muscles that are in the face and neck, that we may not exercise and that are very flaccid or, on the contrary, are rigid or too retracted.

Think wisely. How many of us suffer bruxism ? How many of us frown for many hours without realizing it? How many of us are surprised by the pain caused by a facial massage or the great relief we feel after receiving it? All this shows the amount of tension that we accumulate in the different muscles of our face and neck, which we use daily and without realizing it, and how little tone they have. And the less they are exercised, the less firm and wrinkled they will look from the outside.

In summary, doing yoga or facial gymnastics is a natural and fun way to stimulate and tone the face , and we can do it absolutely all, regardless of age, skin type or lifestyle. Anyone will benefit from this universal ritual that helps reveal radiance and preserve the youth of your skin.

How to do facial yoga


Now, how do we do it and where do we start?

Although it seems that there are few options, in reality, there are many movements that we can do to exercise this group of muscles and surfing the net you will find many videos about it. Some of them require fifteen minutes of daily work, and others, much less. To avoid starting the house on the roof, and since we believe it is better to start with a more acceptable challenge, we suggest you follow the routine launched by GYM BEAUTÉ PAYOT®, inspired by facial gymnastics created by Nadia Payot in 1920, after observing the movements facials of the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova, who gave her an international reputation.

This simple 11-move routine won’t steal more than a minute a day , and you can easily carry it out anywhere, whether it’s at home, in the office, in the shower, or on the move to work.

Ready? Let’s start!

The clown (le clown)

To eliminate wrinkles and expression lines on the lips.

How? Open your mouth horizontally and rectangular in an exaggerated way. Repeat twice.

The surprised (l’étonnée)

To remove crow’s feet and bags.

How? Open your eyes wide (without wrinkling your forehead). Repeat twice.

La dormilona (la dormeuse)

To smooth wrinkles on the forehead. ⠀

How? Lower the eyebrows and eyelids facing down completely (without tilting the neck). Repeat twice.

The crow’s feet (les pattes de chat)


To smooth and tighten wrinkles on the forehead.

How? Simultaneously and on both sides of the forehead, with both hands, slide the fingertips of the 4 fingers from the center of the forehead towards the temples. Repeat twice.

The butterflies (les papillons)

To smooth wrinkles between the eyebrows and crow’s feet. ⠀

How? Firmly slide thumb and forefinger along eyebrows and finish with thumb to stretch crow’s feet. Repeat twice.

The serpent (le serpent)

To eliminate sagging cheeks.

How? Loosen teeth and jaws, and place the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth. Repeat twice.

The owl (la chouette)

To tone the eye contour, anti-bags and dark circles.

How? Place your fingers on the ciliary arch and the top of the cheekbones and keep your eyes wide open. Then close them and reopen them as much as possible. Repeat twice.

The turtle (the tortue)

To raise the corners of the lips.

How? Tuck your lips inward and stretch the corners by pushing with your lower jaw to tighten the chin tissues. Repeat twice.

The fish (le poisson)

To plump the lips and reaffirm their contour.

How? Place the mouth as an oval and open it as much as possible while maintaining this shape.

Repeat twice.

The smiley (le smile)

To enhance the cheekbones.

How? Perform 3 levels of smile, showing more and more teeth. Repeat twice.

The big smiley

To tone the neck. ⠀

How? Pronounce “smiiiiiile” in an exaggerated way, raising the corners of the lips while exhaling. Then relax. Repeat twice.

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