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How to Wash Hair?

Want to know how to wash hair in the right way?


Washing hair properly is also an art you need to learn. It can go wrong if you do not know the basics of washing them properly. You may not shampoo completely or may not rinse your hair well. These mistakes can lead to hair problems. Read ahead and find out the right way of washing your hair.

Steps to Wash Hair

To know how to wash hair properly read the step-by-step procedure given below.

Step 1

Start by rinsing your hair with water completely so that they are properly soaked. You can take a minute to get them properly soaked. Use lukewarm or a little warm water.

Step 2

Pour a little shampoo in your palms. Then rub it within your palms so that it lathers and foams. Apply that foam onto your hair, covering all your strands.

Step 3

Massage the scalp with the shampoo. Make use of your finger tips to massage well. You can also make use of clawed fingers to get the shampoo into your scalp.

Step 4

Once done with shampooing, you can now shower your hair with water so that the shampoo is cleaned from your head. Rinse well until the shampoo is totally removed.

Step 5

If you oiled your hair prior to taking a bath then your hair will not be free from oil after one shampoo session. Therefore, you can apply shampoo for the second time and repeat the process.

Step 6

Now run your fingers through the hair to remove any knots in them.

Step 7

Next, you can take a dollop size conditioner on your fingers and run them through the hair strands. Use conditioner in the right amount so that the complete hair and also its tip get conditioned. Scalp area need not be conditioned much as it produces its own natural conditioner.

Step 8

Run your fingers through your hair again to untie the knots. Wear a shower cap so that the conditioner does not rinse off.

Step 9

Wait for a few minutes, then rinse completely until your head and scalp is free from conditioner.

Step 10

End by rinsing with icy cold water. This will close the pores of your hair that will make them look shinier after they dry.

Last But Not the Least

After you have found out how to wash hair, you must also know that the last but an important step is drying them properly. Use a towel to scrunch and pat your hair lightly. Stand in the sunlight to dry them naturally. Do not blow dry often. Use that method when you are in a hurry. Now that you know how to clean hair, you must be careful when you take a shower next time.

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