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Choosing the best athletic shoes for you

Choosing athletic shoes is fun – but finding the best ones to fit your needs is a bit of a challenge. Considering style, fit and material can create a plethora of choice – and that is before you even get to the budget! 

This article provides some much-needed help to find the best Nike stores in Australia to get your search off to a flyer! You do not need to know everything there is to know about shoes, but considering a few key questions will help you get the best possible pair for your needs.

Ask yourself the tough questions


Before you get wowed by the latest styles and looks, ask yourself the burning question – how much can you afford to spend on your new athletic shoes? With the range of prices available, you are sure to be able to pick up what you need without regretting it later.

Also ask yourself what you will mainly be using your new shoes for. From this, you can work out how lightweight or robust you want them to be. You can also determine the amount of support you need round your ankles, and the padding you need on the sole.

The types of athletic shoes 

When you visit Australian Nike stores, you presented with hundreds of options of athletic shoes. 

The trick to remember is that not all sports shoes are equal. In the same way that different ice skates are suited to figure skating, speed skating or ice hockey, athletic shoes are no different. Some are designed specifically for running, while others are better suited to walking. 

Assessing the quality of your athletic shoes

Nike shoes are best known as running shoes. With Nike, you can be assured of finding some of the best running shoes available. Although the prices are not the cheapest, it is all about the quality. 

Nike athletic shoes generally last longer than cheaper alternatives, which can mean although you spend a little more, you actually save money in the long run. 

As well as helping your bank balance, a better quality athletic shoe also carries potential benefits for your body. Good quality athletic shoes can also risk the risk of longer-term injury or stress-related fatigue to your feet, ankles, legs and back. The superior support that better quality athletic shoes provide can reduce swelling and other wear and tear.

The build of a shoe

Nike running shoes balance best-in-class padding with aeriation to allow the skin on your feet to breathe. This helps keep the skin fresh and feeling good through its continued ability to breathe. 

Alongside this, the inbuilt shock absorption is able to buffer all that running tracks or other ground conditions can throw at them. This makes your running experience more comfortable, while significantly reducing your risk of lasting stress-related injuries or chronic pain.

In contrast, walking shoes are lighter weight and built to withstand less impact on the bottoms of the feet and the ankles. Breathability is less important in walking shoes because your feet will sweat less. For this reason, they are often made of leather for its style and durability. 

Footwear and the health of your feet

Conditions such as pronation can make running a painful exercise for those that experience it. 

Pronation is a condition that describes feet with too high or too low arches. For sufferers, finding the perfect fit shoe can help your feet compensate for this potentially painful condition. Custom-built shoes can be fitted with additional padding to compensate for pronated feet. This makes up for the difference, and provides additional support to the ankle. 

Making your choice

Shoe stores are full of enticing options, colors and fits. It may be easy to dismiss the choice as being an impulsive one based on which style you like the best. It is true you need a shoe you like, but it is also wise to spend a little time considering your purchase. 

Not only can this save you money when you buy new athletic shoes, it can also have ongoing health benefits. This can reduce the risk of injury or stress to your feet, or help your feet adjust to conditions such as pronation. To guarantee the best fit, think about what you will use your shoes for, and make your choice accordingly. 


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