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Backpacks, Belt Bags, Shoulder Bags or Totes? Which Is Best For You?

Bags are a must-have accessory that no woman can ever do without, thanks to their combination of stylish beauty and functionality. There are so many different kinds of bags available on the market today that you should be able to have a different one for every type of occasion.  Baltini strongly advocates that bags are a woman’s best friend and unsung hero, but they should also be stylish, elegant, unique, and dazzling, and always in fashion.

More women are ditching their old-style handbags and purses, with many of them saying they’ll never go back. So, when it comes to the new-style backpacks, belt bags, shoulder bags, and tote bags, which one is best suited for you?

Backpack Bags


Backpacks have evolved from the hallways of high schools into the hottest new bag on the high fashion runways of the world. While backpack bags have a fundamentally feminine and casual vibe, there’s still a style out there to suit every lady’s fashion personality, from bold and bombastic, to rustic and chic. Some backpack purses have longer handles so they can be worn in the crook of your arm or carried like a tote bag instead of being worn on your back. They look super chic when casually tossed over the shoulder before dashing off somewhere to do something fun. For a sophisticated look, choose one with high fashion detail and beautiful hardware with luxurious fabrics like suede, leather, or even velvet. Browse Baltini’s selection and find Italy’s finest collection of backpack bags for the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Belt Bags

Belt bags; these retro waist-cinching purses are coming back in a big way. Baltini understands that this new trend is more of an athletic style statement than a carryover from the last millennium and has an extensive collection of belt bags available at 40% lower prices than the average market price. The new style of instantly transformative belt bags  can bring a refined new mood to a silhouette and make an otherwise frumpy style dress immediately blasé. Plus, they allow your arms to move freely, making them perfect for aimlessly walking around shops in the city.

Tote Bags

No professional woman’s wardrobe can ever be complete without a great-looking tote bag to carry all their gear. These rectangular shaped shopping-must-haves have somewhat short to medium handles and are made out of robust materials like leather or canvas. While tote bags can have killer looks, they also function just as well when you’re on the way to work as they do once you’re in the office. The perfect work-day tote bag is roomy enough for carrying almost everything a woman needs all around town. Make a statement from Baltini’s collection while keeping everything you need within reach.

Shoulder Bags

Also called sling bags, satchel bags, or saddlebags, these handbags hang gently over your shoulders. While their size can limit what you can fit inside them, shoulder bags have a sleekly sophisticated yet almost sporty appeal, making them the perfect daily go-to bag. These purses have a wide range of options, so your choice will ultimately be determined by tastes, budgets, and personal styles. Textured suede or rich faux leather, for example, are usually ideal for these bags, but canvas or other types of fabric can also be perfect for women chasing that lightweight summer look. Find your ideal style from our exclusive boutique partners in Italy and shop from your living room’s comfort using Baltini’s platform.

Crossbody Bags

With a sturdy adjustable strap and an easy to maneuver front flap, crossbody bags have a lot of positives. Not only will they give you excellent freedom of movement while also keeping your things close, but they often also look much classier than an over the shoulder backpack. A good crossbody bag is a more medium size. Because if you go too big, they’re suddenly too heavy while going too small means they won’t be very functional at all. Go medium in size, but big in style and pizzaz from Baltini’s selection. 

Italian glamor at your hands

Bags can be a mere functionality necessity or a true fashion statement. Why go blunt when you can sparkle and dazzle? Go for glamor with Italy’s finest bag selection from Baltini’s platform. At a price of lower than 40% the regular market price, why settle for anything less spectacular?  Buy from us using Klarna (payment installment). Living abroad? No worries. We guarantee fast international shipping for the bag of your dreams. 

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