How to Shop for Accessories at Thrift Stores

How to Shop for Accessories at Thrift Stores?

Do you love to showcase a unique style each time you are out? If it is the case, then you must be getting holes in your pockets by buying new dresses and accessories every time. To save spending extra bucks while you shop, you can visit thrift shops to do budget shopping. This way, you will be getting fashionable items but very cheaply. This article aims to give you some tips and tricks to do budget shopping at thrift shops.

Tips and Tricks to Shop for Accessories at Thrift Stores


When it comes to budget shopping for fashionable items, a thrift store is the ultimate place to shop. Whether you are looking for lightly used modern pieces or vintage items of the classical era, you will definitely find affordable items at such stores. Your shopping can be even more cheap if you use the methods given below to make the most of the cash you are spending. If you are looking forward to becoming a wise thrift shopper, then follow the tips and tricks mentioned below.

1. Double Check the Condition and Quality of the Item

Take a closer look at the item you are considering to buy. Properly examine its quality. You may get lucky to find some items in brand new condition, but they will definitely be used ones. Therefore, make sure to check whether there are any tears, stains, rips etc. Also check to see if it is on the verge of breaking or falling apart. Try to make out whether the item you intend to buy will accompany you for a few years or not. If it wont, then it will be wiser not to buy it. Double and triple check it until you are self assured. If you happen to find a flaw, then ask yourself whether it can be easily fixed or not. If it can be fixed, then fix it. For example, if you find a hole then you can sew it up. Similarly, a broken clasp can be replaced. However, if the piece is in a very bad condition, then it will not be worth your cash.

2. Do Not Purchase It Because It Is Cheap

If you are tempted to buy every scarf, necklace and handbag you see, as their price tags are next to nothing, then this is not a wise purchase. Impulse buying is common in thrift stores. But, to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on buying items that are not required, you must stop yourself from impulse shopping. This will enable you to develop a solid wardrobe. Your room will not be stocked up with items that you are never going to wear. A helpful tip is to make out the possible events you can wear it in. If you do not find many situations in which you can wear it, then do not buy. It is better to spend a little more cash on an accessory you love, rather than a little less cash on an accessory you like. This way, you will not only get a worthy item, but you will also be able to say that you found a great thrift store product.

3. Buy Your Size

No matter what you are buying, from shoes and clothing to bracelets, gloves and rings, keep the fit and size in mind before purchase. These are the 2 very important factors that must be considered. It is better to check the size before buying than to find out later that the bracelet is not fitting around your wrist. If this happens, then you will surely waste your cash. You may get attracted to its price tag and style, but it is not worthy of buying if it is not having the proper size.

4. Visit the Thrift Shops with Special Sales

Keep up with special promotions and sales at your local thrift shop. This will help you save some more cash. In some thrift stores, there will be events like Back to School Sale’ or Family and Friends Sale’. Sometimes, the price tags of items will be yellow colored, indicating a 50% discount on that particular day, each week. There are also sales known as Brown Bag Sales’ that will let you take away whatever you can fill into a brown bag for a certain amount of cash, which is usually less. Get the ultimate experience of thrift shopping by making use of such opportunities if you find out about them through your friends, family members or colleagues.

5. Be Creative

When purchasing an item, look out for those items that can be used in more than one way. For example, buy a purse that can also be used as a clutch, by removing the straps. You can even buy a big necklace that can be used as a headband, bracelet or a belt. Similarly, purchase brooches and wear them in many unique ways. Using your creativity in wearing them will allow you to use one item in many ways, thereby saving your money in buying several items, each having one use.

6. Be Patient

Patiently check the store to find value-for-money items. Take time to go through the stuff in detail. This will ensure that you get the right things.

7. Know the Basics of Accessories

You must know the basic items that every woman must have in her kitty. This will help you buy them whenever you get to see them in a thrift store. Some examples are a black leather purse, a statement necklace etc.

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