Avocado, The Natural Moisturizer Your Hair Should Not Avoid

Your hair can be considered healthy based on its length, density and texture. For your hair to be considered in its top-tier quality, your tresses must be soft and smooth as a horsetail. In this case, you need hair growth conditioners to achieve the most delicate and most desirable locks ever. Unfortunately, some conditioning products might not provide you the moisture content that your hair needs. How will you solve your dry hair problems then? No worries, for you can opt to use avocado in managing your dry and frizzy locks. Avocado is not only a guacamole ingredient, but it can also be a natural hair moisturizer. Check out why you should never miss using avocado in your hair care regimen.

Using Avocado as a Hair Moisturizer: The Benefits It Can Bring for Your Precious Locks


Avocado is a big-sized berry fruit with a single stone-sized seed. This tropical fruit is not only perfect for making desserts, but it’s also popular in many beauty care products, especially its oily extract. Now, how does avocado keep your locks moisturized? Discover the following reasons why the avocado fruit is an ingredient your hair should never avoid.

Avocado oil is a potent source of vitamin E.

Many beauty care products add vitamin E to their ingredient list to lure consumers into purchasing their items. This move is a bold yet effective marketing strategy since vitamin E is best known for its rich moisturizing properties significant for both hair and skin. Once you see avocado extract as a primary ingredient, then it is guaranteed that your conditioner has loads of vitamin E.

Vitamin E from avocado oil does not only profoundly condition your strands, but it is also a potent antioxidant protecting your hair against external stressors, such as heat and pollution. As a result, your hair’s pliability and texture improve, making it easier to manage your tresses.

Avocado oil’s fatty acids help maintain your hair’s moisture.

Many hair conditioning products make use of their ingredients’ fatty acids to moisturize tresses. In this case, using avocado extract is an excellent choice because of its high “good fat” content. According to a published study by the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health, the avocado oil has 71% monounsaturated fatty acids and 13% polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also has 16% saturated fatty acids, making avocado extract a potent fat content source. 

So, how do these fatty acids found in avocado promote healthy hair growth? First, fatty acids have emulsifying properties, allowing other ingredients in your conditioner to mix well. Thus, avocado oil helps your hair absorb nutrients from the natural constituents in your hair growth shampoo or conditioner. Second, hair follicles need lipids to preserve their structure and function. Fatty acids make up the surface cells found on your hair strands; they help create a protective layer to prevent invasive matters from damaging and dehydrating your hair. 

Avocado flesh and oil can be used in making hair mask concoctions.

Who says hair growth conditioners are the only moisturizers for your locks? Using hair masks is also a great alternative yet natural treatment for your dry and damaged tresses. Hair mask treatments serve to moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp more deeply than what a regular conditioner does. Its emulsifying properties also make it easier to combine with your other hair mask components, like honey, yogurt, coconut milk, and lemon juice. However, it would be best to apply your avocado hair mask treatment with dry hair for deep penetration of nutrients and moisture.

Save Your Dry Locks with Avocado Oil’s Moisturizing Power.

People should start caring more about their dry hair problem, for this hair growth issue can lead to worse ramifications like thinning hair and hair loss. Therefore, level up your hair care regimen using an avocado-enriched hair growth conditioner to be followed by a weekly avocado hair mask treatment. By doing so, you will never have to worry about having dry and frizzy hair again, for your tresses will always feel soft, appear shiny, and smell fragrant all the time.

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