Hot Fall Trends of the Year

Come Autumn, people become energetic and start shopping for the season. Everyone shops for clothing and accessories depending up on the Fall trends. This year too there are some hot styles that you can flaunt. Read on to know about them.

Top Fashion Styles for Autumn



The freshest style is a leather dress. You can opt for a simple sleeveless style or pick a more traditional styled dress and then add a leather jacket for a chic look. You can choose any color for the leather jacket or dress, from soft neutrals like off-white and beige to classic black color. Whatever you wear, have only one piece of leather in your outfit. This means that, if you choose to wear a leather dress then give up wearing your leather boots.


Fur clothing is back in fashion this autumn. This year’s Fall trends showed everything from sleek fur by Calvin Klein to flashy dip-dyed furs of Prabal Gurung. To give yourself a fur look in an easy way, you can add a simple fur accessory to your wardrobe such as a fur scarf or a fur hat or even fur-lined boots. If you cannot spend bucks on buying real fur products or if you do not like the idea of using animal products then you can buy artificial fur products. Faux fur is easily available at low prices. A favorite faux fur piece of this season is fake fur vest that is available in all lengths and colors. You can pair this vest with a turtleneck and jeans to give yourself a chic look. If you are buying a real fur piece, do not worry about whether it will stay in fashion or not, because this is an investment that will stay in style every year.

3.Polka Dots

These patterns are a great way to showcase your fun and cool side. You can get almost anything and everything with polka dots on it when you choose to pick designs from the famous designer, Marc Jacob. He adds polka dots to swanky dresses as well as to gorgeous gowns. Even the size of these dots ranges from small dots on chiffon material to large, over-sized dots on clothes. It is difficult to pull off yourself wearing polka dots from head-to-toe. So you can opt for a single piece with polka dots, such as a dotted accessory like a cardigan.

4.Men’s Wear

This one is a new trend this season. One can go for natty fabrics or matched pantsuits. Pair matched pantsuits with simple white shirts and double-breasted jackets. To create a softened look, you can choose some bold jewelry and wide-leg trousers. You can add brogues and cute oxfords as well, because this is another hot trend.


Tops, skirts and dresses with black laces are perfect feminine styles to show a little skin. They give a chic and elegant look. You can wear a black lace blouse and pair it with a slim and long pencil skirt for a cool look. You can also pair a lace blouse or cami with a men’s pantsuit.

6.Metallic Shimmer

This season you can add a shimmer look to your outfit by wearing metallic dresses. You can choose any from both gold and silver, to flaunt the most flattering metallic. To create a soft look, you can wear a serious tweed suit that has a metallic thread. You can even wear shimmer clothes in the form of sparkle with normal jeans. You must wear only one shimmering piece at a time.


Dressy booties are footwear that are worn in parties and other casual events. These types of styles were showcased on Oscar de la Renta’s runway and in the Stephen Burrows collections. You can pair booties or ankle boots with leggings, skinny jeans, or a dress with tights. You can also flaunt them with a short dress and bare legs.

8.Turtle Necks

The turtle necks can be worn in any way, from chunky knits to fun stripes. You can wear your chunky knits and belt them or wear them under jackets. If the turtle necks are too constraining and irritating, you can also try the easier version of the cowl neck.

9.Colored Pants

For yet another unique look for the season, you can wear vibrant colored pants. These denim pieces can be chosen in a throng of colors. You can wear a basic colored top and jacket, such as in white or black, then wear a bright colored pant or a tight jeans in cobalt color, for example. You can also try a tonal look from head-to-toe.


This classic style of the ’80s is back as one of the Fall trends. Designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Milly are the ones to bring back chunks of color this autumn. Colorbocking can be worn in many ways. One way is to buy ready-made fabric pieces that are made in blocks of color combinations (either in color splicing or color blocks). The other way is to create your own colorblocking style by wearing different colored tops and bottom. For example, a red skirt and a black shirt with a yellow coat. Wear minimum accessories to highlight your colorblocking look. These accessories must be of any solid color because too much of colorblocking can be distracting.

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