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How team sports can contribute to your exercise regime

As we all get older, one of the most important things to do is take special care of our health. Team sports can help to achieve a fitness level that you may never have thought was possible by simply applying the techniques and training regimes that make playing these games possible. Listed below are some team sports that can help you stay in shape if you are interested in maintaining your health as well as your physique.



Soccer involves impeccable foot-eye coordination, as players have to navigate their way through opponents to get to their goal and then negotiate the obstacle of the goalkeeper. It is no small feat and thus generally a low-scoring game, as the players trying to stop you are equally skilled. The footwork required to deny the opposition the ball necessitates a tremendous amount of practice and a lot of leg work is required. Exercises such as step-ups, squats, and leg press are a must to be able to competently navigate the ball past the opposition.


Playing darts may seem like an unlikely way to keep you fit but keeping the mind as well as the body is an important way to stay healthy. It takes an exceptional amount of concentration and dexterity to be able to play this game well and it is not one to be underrated. Precision is the key point to this game and without it, there is absolutely no chance of winning a tournament. The friendly and competitive atmosphere of darts leagues, both local and international, make up the social aspect of the sport which is equally as important as the sport itself. 


Stop and start. That is what a highly skilled cricketer has to do. Whether they are batting, bowling or fielding, you need to be able to stop and start on a dime. It takes a lot of practice to be able to launch a ball from eighty meters back to the wicket-keeper and then get back to your position. Batsmen have to be able to hit a ball and determine in a split second where it will go and whether or not they can run and change their minds. The sort of skill and stamina involved in cricket is underrated as many people consider it to be a slow sport when realistically it is anything but.


From a young age and beyond, basketball requires stability, coordination and confidence. Sure, the NBA playoff bets may never involve you, but there is no reason not to try reaching for the stars. Even Michael Jordan was cut from his college team and he turned out to be one of, if not the best NBA player of all time. Even if you play at an amateur level or are just having some fun on the court with your friends, it is good exercise for you which leads to you being able to experience other sports you may be interested in or just feeling content and healthy. Basketball increases basic hand-eye coordination and gives you the motivation to increase your body strength especially as the games become more serious.

There is nothing better than a sport to help you keep both fit and motivated. It takes exercise out of the gym and puts it in a social atmosphere that will see you wanting to return, week after week. Whether you’re looking to hone your physical or mental fitness, these sports could just be the way to achieve it.

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