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Tips for the Perfect Haircare Regimen Before Your Wedding

Congrats on getting engaged! You’ve had a wholesome engagement and snapped gorgeous couple ring selfies — and now it’s time to start preparing for the wedding. While you’re busy making crucial decisions to plan the event, you should also start taking care of yourself months ahead. After all, you’d want to look your best on the big day! 

This article will help you ensure that your wedding day is the greatest-hair-day of your entire life — so let’s get started. 

1. Conditioner is Your Best Friend


If you’re not already using hair conditioner regularly, make sure you stop skipping it as you get closer to the wedding. It’s a mega-hydrator that helps maintain the health of your precious locks. You can also consider going in for a professional deep conditioning treatment in a well-known salon occasionally. 

For at-home use, find a conditioner that suits you best and use it consistently in combination with drops of vitamin E oil. If the hair feels super dry, try adding some hair masks into your haircare routine. 

2. Cut Down on Shampooing

If you’ve never been too much into haircare, you probably don’t know this — but over-shampooing is a thing. It fades out your hair color, leads to dryness, and can be counterintuitive to your pricey highlights. Experts suggest limiting shampooing to 3 times a week and using detangler products between hair washes. 

3. Try Hair Extensions

If you’ve not been too conscious about your hair care, you might lack some volume for the wedding hairstyle you want. An easy fix to that problem is trying hair extensions! They can unlock a whole new variety of styles, and they’re easy to manage throughout the day between dance practices and photo sessions. 

It takes weeks or even over a month to properly order the extensions with the hair, so we’d recommend going in for a professional consultation at least six weeks ahead of the wedding. Permanent extensions should be done at least two weeks before the big day, while clip-ins can be put in a week before. 

4. Get Keratin Treatment

You’ve probably already booked a Wedding DJ Melbourne for the big event but still procrastinating on booking a keratin treatment for your hair! Well, it’s equally important because you’re going to get lots of hairdos done around your wedding date — and there’s no denying the impact of straightening and heat-based appliances on your hair health. We’d strongly suggest looking into keratin procedures (and other restorative hair therapies) months before the big day to help rejuvenate your strands.

5. Finalize Your Color Goals

Hair color is an essential component of your overall bridal aesthetic, and you need to plan it out months ahead. The general rule is to stay within two color shades of your natural hair color. We’d suggest finalizing your color choice as soon as you know what hairstyle you’ll be rocking as a bride. You can talk to your stylist, go back and forth with ideas, and shortlist a few. (Pro tip: Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration photos!)


Once you’ve decided on the hairdo you’re going with; it’s advisable to get a hair touch-up a week or so ahead of the wedding to give you enough time for any last-minute changes or re-coloring.

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