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Must-have bags for women

Behind every woman is her favourite handbag -a piece that will elevate her looks and make her feel that her outfit is on-point. Beyond being practical, handbags are also a fashion statement, and today, they are available in all sorts of styles and colours to suit your every mood. But which bags should make up your handbag collection?


Trends come and go, but handbags are here to stay – read on to find out about the must-have bags for women. You’re going to be lost for choice with these different styles.

Crossbody bags


Crossbody bags are classic, efficient and will go with everything you own. They can be suitable for day or evening wear, according to the size, fabric and chain your go for. Gold chain crossbodies are the ideal evening look or event bag, the chain is delicate and sophisticated and is usually meant for a smaller bag, helping you embrace that minimalist trend. Larger crossbody straps are ideal for everyday wear – they’ll stand the tests of time, and can even be customized for a more personal touch.

Mini bags

Mini bags have been a thing for several seasons, and it appears they are here to stay. Though they’re a controversial trend, since Jacquemus launched the mini Chiquito, everyone seems to be eyeing them up. Admittedly, they’re not ideal for carrying around your everyday essentials, but they make your eveningwear  all the more dramatic. Smaller bags can even be worn on a chain around your neck for a modern take. This will make you forget everything you once knew about handbags!

Bucket bags

Bucket bags are in a unique shape that will change up your handbag collection. We love the Marc Jacobs bucket bag for its drawstring details, giving it an athleisure vibe, and of course, MJ’s “tongue in cheek” response to trends with the “BUCKET BAG” embossed leather. Most bucket bags can be worn on your arm or using crossbody straps for easy and practical wear.


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about school bags here – backpacks can be cool, and now much more than a practical accessory for school or for hikes. Leather backpacks can be super cool, and in smaller formats are a cute and laid-back accessory for your casual outfits. There is another advantage to backpacks – physicians have said that they are more ergonomic than other kinds of bags because they evenly distribute weight across your back.

Motorcycle bags

Motorcycle bags were the it-bag in the 2000’s thanks to Saint Laurent, rocked by the likes of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie. In 2022, the accessory has officially made a comeback -delivering a twist that is asedgy as it isrock’n’roll.Balenciaga’s Le Cagole is a revisited version of the motorcycle bag, and it has made its comeback thanks to the Y2K trend. There is no better time to bring out the Motorcycle bag, adored by Tumblr bloggers far and wide.

The clutch

The clutch bag is a must-have for any evening out. For a dinner date or a fun night out with the girls, you’ll need a clutch to finish off your look. A little black dress isn’t complete without a metallic clutch that will turn heads. Another advantage to the clutch is that it’s roomy but lightweight, allowing you to carry your everyday essentials without feeling lumbered with all your belongings. They can also work with casual outfits,  completing your look as a statement piece.

The tote bag

Last but not least, the tote bag is a practical everyday bag for you to wear. It is usually accompanied by a crossbody bag that will help you keep your belongings safe, but the tote bag is perfect for carrying your favourite books or your shopping. We love eclectic prints or logos of your favourite bands to help you stand out from the crowd!

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