Tips on Adding More Color to Your Wardrobe

A well-balanced wardrobe should have a mix of black, white, neutral, and colored clothing. This includes designs, patterns, and prints, as well as solid colors. It’s easy to get in the habit of wearing a mix of simple colors like black, white, and navy, but it’s so much fun to add some color into the mix! Whether you want to go all-out and fill your closet with vivid colors or just add a pop of color here and there, check out these tips on adding more color to your wardrobe. 

Find Your Best Colors


Just as some clothing styles pair well with different body types, some colors really pop on certain skin tones. It’s easy to find out which specific colors might look best on you based on your skin tone, and from there you can shop accordingly. For example, if you have a warm olive skin tone, you should definitely try pieces in colors like navy and rich plum tones. In general, cool-based undertones pair well with light colors and pastels, whereas warm undertones bring earth tones to life. Deep skin tones really make a statement in bright, bold shades, while neutral skin tones tend to rock luxurious jewel tones best. 

For the record, your “best” colors are not just the ones that pair well with your skin tone. They are also the colors that make you feel happy, confident, and beautiful. They’re the colors that make you excited to get dressed in the morning! If you’re not sure which colors these are just yet, try experimenting with different pieces of cute women’s clothing in different palettes to find your favorites. 

Start Where You Are

The process of adding color to your wardrobe might be a gradual one, and that’s absolutely okay. There’s no reason to feel like you need to add a whole lot of color to your outfits all at once. Instead, start with one goal at a time. Maybe your first goal is to add a bright accessory to each of your outfits for the next week. After that, you might invest in a few cute printed tops to wear with black pants or jeans. The key is to make the process feel fun, manageable, and true to your style. 

Start Where You Are

On the other hand, your starting point might not involve you wearing more color, but rather researching it, pinning your favorite looks, and getting a better idea of what you really like. This is your chance to scour the internet and fashion archives to see the broad spectrum of color utilization within the fashion industry. This way, you can get major color inspiration while also getting ideas on how to wear each shade. 

Pairing Colorful Pieces with Different Outfits

When it comes down to it, it’s really the execution that matters. Your colorful clothing should be paired with other garments that enhance them and create a harmonious look. Here’s a look at how you can add color to a few specific outfits for different occasions:

  • Jeans + Cute Top: This is probably the easiest outfit for adding a little bit of color! All you need is a top and your favorite jeans to get started. If your top is solid white, for example, your colorful add-on pieces might take the form of a cute pink belt, a pair of cobalt blue flats, or an earthy green cardigan. If you want to take your color meter to the next level, you might even make your top the focal point of the entire outfit and choose a shirt style in a bright, colorful print. 

Jeans + Cute Top


  • Colorful Dresses: If a little black dress should be a part of your wardrobe, then so should a dress in your favorite bold color! This is a great way to switch things up once in a while and wear a fun color for nicer occasions. Plus, there are plenty of trendy dresses in vibrant colors you can choose from. Tiered maxi dresses, cute ruffle sleeved styles, and breezy cotton midi dresses are all sparking trend alerts right now, so you can stay on trend and experiment with color at the same time. Pair your cute and colorful dresses with heels, flats, or sandals in a subtle neutral shade or a color that complements the shade of your dress. 

Casual Skirt + Colorful Accessories: Sometimes the best part of an outfit is something very small. That’s especially true when it comes to accessorizing a cute and casual skirt. Whether it’s a miniskirt with ruffles or a long cotton maxi skirt, you can add colorful accessories to take the outfit to the next level. Get creative and choose your favorite color scheme to create an outfit that features a colorful belt, a handbag, a hat, or even a pair of vibrant sunglasses.

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