Outfit for Fall Photos

How To Create the Perfect Outfit for Fall Photos

Planning for your fall photos is a fun task but time-consuming to coordinate. To create the perfect outfits, you must consider autumn colors, the setting and the occasion. Then, what you will wear, including shoes, accessories and undergarments. To look your best, be sure to wear shapewear for women.

Fall is one of the most favorable seasons of the year for photographs. You can color-coordinate your outfit with the natural setting or backdrop where the photo shoot will take place. Creating wardrobes for your family or individuals can be tedious. Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

Select the Nature Colors of Autumn


Consider the leaves when they begin to change colors during the fall. Various species of maple trees and oaks produce fabulous autumn colors:

  • Golden Yellow
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Russet
  • Scarlet
  • Orange-Red

Keep these colors in mind when selecting a complimentary outfit. When outdoors, you can sit or stand under a maple, oak or hickory tree. In the U.S., locations with colorful displays are New England and the Rocky and Smoky Mountains. If the photo shoot is indoors, you might choose a scene in a park, mountains, city or the countryside among trees with broad leaves.

Avoid Matching Colors

For family photographs, avoid matching outfits. Instead, coordinate a multicolored wardrobe. Wear clothing with moderate patterns that are not a distraction. There is no need for you, your spouse or your partner to match in fall photographs. For your young children, let them wear their favorite fall colors.

Avoid Matching Colors

When choosing and coordinating outfits, don’t forget about panties and bras for women. You can choose items that do not show lines under your clothes.

Choose a Color Palette

A color palette usually includes three to four colors. Brown, sky blue, orange-red, and forest green make a colorful autumn palette. These colors can complement one another, which resembles the nature of fall. You could also choose neutral colors, such as beige or shades of gray, that blend well with nature for outdoor photos.

Suggested Autumn Colors for Clothing

Suggested Autumn Colors for Clothing


  • Auburn
  • Bronze
  • Dark Red
  • Gold
  • Indigo
  • Royal Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Dark Orange
  • Teal
  • Yellow

Consider the Weather Conditions

Taking photographs in hot or cold weather can be uncomfortable and affect your photo outcome. If the temperature is low, wear outerwear. Sweaters, cardigans, coats, and jackets might be the items to include in your wardrobe for the photo shoot.

A dress or jeans with a sweater or blouse make for a perfect outfit in warmer climates during the fall. Wear shapewear under your garment to enhance your figure. Wearing undergarments made of eco-friendly materials that provide comfort is recommended.

Dress To Impress

Dressing to impress is your ultimate goal for a successful photo shoot. The females in the family can be choosy in colors and the type of outfit. Two options are a lovely pair of booties with a tight-fitting sweater dress or jeans and a sweater. Women have many options in patterns, colors and textures compared to men.

When wearing a tight dress or pants, your bra should be a comfortable fit. Since the invention of bras in 1913, undergarments have become more modernized. With new technology and materials, bras support the back and posture.

Five Trendy Fabrics for the Fall

The cooler weather in fall gives more options in terms of fabrics. Don’t be afraid to layer different textures to create a more interesting look. Here are some fabrics to choose from:

1. Cashmere

Cashmere is a fabric available in many colors and designs. The material is very soft and warm and is used to make apparel and accessories. You can wear cashmere during autumn and the winter seasons.

2. Cotton

Women can wear cotton any season of the year. It is breathable and comfortable, and the thicker fabrics are warm for the fall. You can find garments made with 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and other natural or synthetic materials.

3. Denim

You cannot go wrong with wearing a denim outfit for your fall photographs. Women’s denim clothing includes jackets, dresses, pants, shirts and skirts. Combine other fabrics, such as a wool or cashmere sweater, with your denim jeans.

4. Silk and Lace

Silk and lace fabrics tend to add some uniqueness to an autumn outfit. Dresses and scarves are lovely with these glamorous materials. The feel of lace bras and clothing is soothing. Wear these fabrics for a professional or casual outdoor or indoor photo shoot.

5. Wool

Wool fabric offers the body warmth and comfort, making it perfect for the fall and winter months. Women can find hats, sweaters, coats, suits and dresses made of wool.


Let us not forget about footwear. Fall is the time of year when you pull out your boots and booties. Put on your best pair of autumn shoes for your formal photo.


Hats, scarves and pieces of jewelry can complement any outfit. Women can wear a decorative scarf with a solid-colored dress, sweater or blouse. A hat is an excellent accessory during the fall, especially in brown or tan. Beaded necklaces and bracelets are jewelry pieces that go well with maxi dresses and denim clothing. You can adorn yourself in gold, silver or costume jewelry to take photographs.

Take Beautiful Photos This Fall

Follow the tips and ideas provided above to capture beautiful photographs this autumn. Select an autumn color palette with the perfect setting. Add life to your photos with fall colors: brown, red, orange and yellow.

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