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The Highest Paying Positions for Qualified Cosmetologists

If you’re a qualified cosmetologist looking to progress into a more lucrative and high-paid position, you are in the right place. We are here to tell you the best options for cosmetologists who want to increase their take-home pay while excelling in their field. 

If you want to change career paths, you may need to update your resume, too! If this is the case, you can use a cosmetologist resume template for free to help you create a professional and well-structured resume. 

Skincare Specialist


Skincare specialists concentrate their cosmetology and knowledge around skincare. They offer treatments, such as waxing and hair removal, enhancing clients’ skin condition with treatments and products, teaching clients how to look after their skin while providing product knowledge, and referring clients to dermatologists if there is a serious skin condition present.

A skincare specialist makes on average $42,860 a year, but remember that this is just an average, and your salary will depend on several factors, such as location and employer. 

Beauty Copywriter 

A beauty copywriter uses their passion for cosmetology to write about different aspects of the beauty industry, whether that is devising product descriptions, reviewing products, or writing articles. This occupation is desired by many due to its flexibility and creative nature. You can either set yourself up as a freelance beauty copywriter or work in-house for a magazine or company that needs written product descriptions and online content. 

There are many opportunities for this role, so pay will differ depending on which avenue you choose. However, the industry average for a beauty copywriter is $53,728.

Salon Owner

Maybe working for a salon isn’t cutting it for you, and you dream of running your own business one day. If this is the case, opening your own salon could be an excellent way to put yourself in the driver’s seat while generating a higher salary, with an average of $75,000 for hair salon owners.

While the money sounds tempting, it is essential to remember that running and owning a salon has many responsibilities, and no business is guaranteed success. To increase your chances of generating high revenue, research your location and the average salary of that specific area. 

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist 

Entering the world of theatre and performance makeup guarantees that you are surrounded by creative people, with no day looking the same as a result of exciting briefs. To get to this level, you will need a proven track record, a portfolio of your best work, and an ability to work with prosthetics and apply makeup to a seamless standard. 

The industry average salary for theatre and performance makeup artists is $59,383.

Cosmetology Teacher

Teaching is a desirable career option for many people, but for a cosmetologist, it perhaps isn’t an obvious choice. But, if you feel you have progressed to a stage you are happy with in your career, it can be incredibly rewarding to teach others the skills you have learned along the way. 

To become a cosmetology teacher or instructor, you will need to complete training to ensure you can deliver a high standard of teaching. You can use beauty schools, such as the Evergreen Beauty School, to complete an instructor training course. 

The median salary for cosmetology teachers is $54,889.

Beauty Bloggers

Now, this occupation might be a gamble. But, many beauty bloggers who have made it big have proven this is an incredibly viable option. There is no disputing that to be successful at beauty blogging you have to work hard. But, you will be able to work your own hours and have complete creative control over the majority of your projects!

Beauty bloggers can make up to $10,000 a month due to brand collaborations and ad revenue, making a substantial living wage possible with this role. 

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