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7 easy tips for boosting your immune system

Nobody enjoys being sick, so why not give your immune system an extra boost! There are a few easy things you can do to ensure that when it comes to fighting off any virus or illness, your body is as prepared and protected as possible. Science has backed these seven simple ways of strengthening your defense network, which works together with other body regulatory systems such as endocrine, ibutamoren mk 677 and nervous functions for optimal health management. So don’t be shy – arm yourself against sickness today!

  • Excercise


Did you know that exercise can be your secret weapon against getting sick? Not to mention, it also helps restock your energy reserves overnight! Moderate aerobic activity has been proven to increase the amount of slow-wave (deep sleep) and protect us from invading illnesses. Flushing pathogens out of our airways, while reducing inflammation and regulating stress hormones like cortisol – all sound good right? So, get out there today for some moderate physical activity!

Get outside and enjoy the warm spring sun! From taking a walk to shredding through some fresh powder on skis or snowmobile, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget: too much of any good thing isn’t necessarily great; be sure you give yourself enough rest throughout all activities so it doesn’t wear down your body!

  • Sleep – You need it!

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for good health and alertness. Studies have shown that those who don’t get the recommended seven to eight hours of restful shut-eye each night are more vulnerable when it comes to falling ill with viruses like the common cold. Not getting sufficient, high-quality snooze can also hamper your body’s natural ability to respond quicker if you do end up sick by reducing its production of cytokines – proteins which play a vital role in targeting infection and inflammation. 

  • Feed your body what it needs – Nutritious food

By cutting out sugary, starchy and fried foods from your diet and replacing them with more fruits and vegetables you can give yourself the vitamins, minerals and other good stuff needed to boost immunity. Just start by having one extra glass of water each day then move onto upping fruit and vegetable servings too. Junk food like chips, candy etc.? Don’t reach for these when tempted as they won’t do any favors in nourishing or energizing our bodies.

  • Take care of microbiome

Taking care of your gut microbiome is one of the easiest, most delicious ways to keep your immune system healthy! It’s a win-win – nourishing foods that feed good bacteria help it thrive and provide you with plenty of health benefits in return. This balanced relationship between microbes residing in your gut biome and their interaction with the immune system encourages more helpful species to grow while fine-tuning responses so germs don’t have an easy time entering our bodies.

  • Protect your immune system’s memory by maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally produced in the body through sunlight, but don’t worry if you can’t get enough sun – there are plenty of foods rich in this important nutrient like fish and eggs. You’ll also want to look for a supplement that fills any gaps that may exist from diet alone. Because it’s hard to recognize when we’re low on vitamin D (low energy, depression or back/bone pain could be symptoms), it would be best practice to have your blood checked regularly so you know where things stand. Stay ahead with assurance knowing this key part of immunity has got “adaptive memory” working its magic!

  • Do mindful practice

Even after a busy day, spending just a few moments of mindful practice can really make all the difference in improving your physical and mental health! Relaxing activities such as meditation or yoga help reduce stress levels and balance out hormones. Not only will this benefit your immune system by decreasing inflammation – it also helps to keep CD4 T-cells healthy so that they are better prepared for any threats against them. 

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

It’s time to kick bad habits and start taking care of your body. Abstaining from alcohol and smoking will help strengthen your immunity – cutting out the chemicals found in these substances helps reduce disruption on a cellular level, making you stronger against infection or respiratory issues like pneumonia. So, swap those vices for something healthier!

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