What is a Body Polish

What is a Body Polish?



body polish is a treatment of the entire body, just like a facial and unlike a massage. It hydrates and exfoliates the skin. When the dead skin is removed, the skin becomes soft and smooth. It can be done with any type of material such as sugar, salt, rice bran, coffee grounds or pecan hulls, which are usually mixed with massage oil as well as essential oils. When salt is used for treating the skin then the treatment is known as salt glow, salt scrub or sea salt scrub. This treatment is usually completed with a shower and an application of lotion.


How Is It Performed?

It is usually done in a wet room that has a drain and a tile floor. You will be given disposable innerwear, by your therapist, which you will have to wear after he or she leaves the room. You will also be given a towel so that you can drape yourself completely and expose only those areas that need to be treated. Once you are ready, you must lay face-down on the massage table. Most tables are covered with sheets, thin pieces of plastic or towels. Sometimes, you are made to lie on wet tables that have Vichy showers overhead. In such cases, you will not be asked to get up for rinsing. Once you have lain down, the therapist will return to start the treatment.

She will rub the exfoliation formula in a gentle manner on your skin areas such as the back and the backs of arms, legs and feet. Once these areas are exfoliated, you are made to turn so that the therapist completes exfoliation of the other side.

When she is finished, you are made to shower in order to rinse off the exfoliation formula. While you are showering, the therapist will change the sheets on the treatment table before you come to lay on it. At the time of showering, you must rinse thoroughly so that your body is free of all the little granules. You must not apply any shower gel so as to let the massage oils and aromatic oils remain on your skin.

If the treatment is being carried on a wet table, then the therapist will rinse your skin off with a hand-held shower, or will turn on a Vichy shower.

Once the shower session is over, you will have to dry yourself and then again lie face-down on the treatment table, covering yourself with a towel. When the therapist returns again, she will apply a lotion or oil on your skin.

What are Its Benefits?

  1. This procedure is unlike a massage, which is solely done for the purpose of relaxation or pleasure. This technique is performed to obtain many benefits. One of the most common benefits is that this treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  2. Removing dead skin cells is important because dead skin layers tend to make a person’s face and body appear unhealthy, dull and unattractive. It can also diminish the effects of topical beauty and health products.
    A polished skin not only tends to look attractive, but it also tends to feel fresh.
  3. The skin will be softer, smoother and supple after the procedure.
  4. Not just that, it will be more moisturized and hydrated than before the treatment.
  5. This procedure will remove oil and dirt buildup that blocks the skin pores.
  6. It also stimulates the skin cells to generate fresh, healthier layers of skin.
  7. There are some supporters of alternative healing who believe that this procedure has numerous therapeutic benefits.

Some Facts about This Treatment

  • Body polish refers to a beauty technique that includes getting rid of dead skin cells. It is also sometimes used to indicate beauty products that are made use of in this technique.
  • This treatment can be performed in a spa or even at home. Though one can do it at home, help of another person is needed because it can be very difficult for you to properly polish all the areas of your body. If there is nobody present in your household to offer assistance, then it is best to get the treatment done at a spa.
  • Some spas perform this treatment in a room without a shower. They remove the exfoliating formula with a steamed towel.
  • This treatment can be done on its own, but most of the times it is done after a body wrap, often a mud or seaweed wrap.
  • Sometimes, it can be combined with a massage. In this case, the polish is done first because it is stimulating. It is followed by a massage. A massage calms you down.
  • Body polish is a product that is needed to perform this treatment. It is also referred as an exfoliator or a scrub.
  • Such products contain some type of rough and coarse elements, such as nut shells or salt mixed with oil or a cream.
  • Exfoliating agents can be harsh on skin. Even some therapists can have a heavy hand. Some individuals can be sensitive to certain things. These factors can irritate your skin. If it happens, speak up.
  • The treatment usually involves one person laying straight flat on a platform while the other person is polishing the back side of her body. This polishing is then continued onto the front side. Some parts are excluded from polishing. They are the face and genital areas.
  • After the polishing session, the person gets up and rinses herself. Rinsing is different from washing. It is solely meant to get rid of abrasive particles present in the product. Rinsing will not remove the moisturizing agents and oils that are present in the product when it is applied on the body during the treatment.
  • After the person rinses herself, the therapist rubs more cream, oil, or lotion on the skin. This completes the procedure.

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