What is a Photo Facial

What is a Photo Facial?

Photo Facial is a generic name for a skin treatment in which a type of light-based technology is used.



These facials are also referred to as foto facials. They have many different uses, but they are mainly used for removing brown spots, treating broken capillaries, and for boosting collagen production.


A photo facial is done in 2 ways by using 2 types of technologies. One type of technology used in this treatment is the LED or the light-emitting diode. The other technology used is the IPL or the intense-pulsed light. Both are completely different technologies, thus making 2 different types of the treatment.

LED Photo Facials
  • LED foto facials are very gentle treatments that use narrow spectrum of light. You will get to see the results after a series of sessions. Mostly a series of 6 sessions with a gap of 1 to 2 weeks is recommended. After that, you will have to maintain your skin by taking the treatment once in a month or two.
  • These facials improve the production of collagen, which then creates a younger-looking and plumper skin. This rejuvenates the facial skin. This technique also kills the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne. The LED facials are gentler, natural, cool, painless, and relaxing. They do not carry the risk of getting burnt. They are not very expensive too.
  • The results will not be as good as a plastic surgery.
  • You will find this type of facial technique more commonly employed in day spas with a focus on aesthetics.

IPL Photo Facials

  • IPL foto facials are treatments that employ a bright gush of of light at extremely high energy levels through a hand-held device. The number of sessions that you will have to undergo before you get to see the results, vary. It depends on the condition of your skin being treated, the rate of response of your skin and the results you wish to see.
  • These facials can treat a many skin conditions such as broken capillaries, brown spots, facial redness and spider veins.
  • This treatment can be uncomfortable and even painful, when no cooling device is used.

Wrap Up

Before you go ahead with the treatment, you must find out which type of photo facial you require depending upon the condition of your skin. Consulting a doctor is a wise step.

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