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How Your Beauty Routine Affects the Planet

Have you ever wondered what your impact on the planet might be? It’s probably been on your mind more than a few times since we are constantly talking about the planet and the environmental crisis we face. And while you may be evaluating how your commute, plastics usage, waste, and travel routines may impact the planet, have you ever thought about how your beauty routine affects the environment? 

Yes, you heard us right. Your beauty routine may be wreaking havoc on the environment. From your shower to the hairspray you use, beauty does have an impact on our planet, and some beauty routines may come at a higher cost to the earth than others. But how do you know if your exact beauty regimen — whether it be your AM or PM routine — is to blame? Well, that’s why we are here. In this article, we will walk you through some beauty routines and rituals that may be doing more harm than good. We will also share how using clean haircare products can make your routine more environmentally friendly.

Beauty Routine Habits That Are Bad for the Environment 


Whether your beauty routine is a 10-step process or as simple as showering and applying moisturizer, you’re bound to have a few of these habits that could be leading to environmental issues.

  • Long Showers That Use Too Much Water 

How long do you usually spend in the shower? It’s not like we all have a timer that reminds us to get out at a certain time. And some showers can take longer than others as we tend to our more tedious beauty routines like shaving or using a hair or face mask. If your shower is longer than four minutes, you may be wasting precious water resources. In order to adapt this routine to save the environment, while also ensuring you get the most out of your beauty regimen, time your showers and create a more structured routine once you turn the water on. You can also turn off the water during times when you aren’t using it, like while shaving or letting a hair mask sit. 

  • Microplastics in Your Favorite Scrub Harm Animals

Do you use a face scrub or body wash that exfoliates your skin with microbeads? Microbeads are tiny plastic beads that can be found in face washes and body washes that can help with exfoliation. While these beads may feel effective in helping you achieve softer skin, they often end up in the ocean and kill wildlife regularly. Plastics are not biodegradable and they maintain their shape and size as they are processed and passed back into the ocean. This can wreak havoc on wildlife and ecosystems. Some countries have put microbead bans into place, but microbeads can still be found in many beauty products. To be on the safe side, start shopping for vegan beauty products, which are not only environmentally friendly, but you won’t find microbeads in these products. 

  • Are Your Favorite Beauty Products Tested on Animals? 

Stop what you’re doing right now and inspect one of your favorite beauty products to see if you can find the “cruelty-free” logo or icon. If you can’t, there is a chance that your beauty product is being tested on animals. Why is this bad for the environment? Well, facilities that run animal testing usually dispose of animals and harsh chemicals in a way that isn’t sustainable and puts a lot of toxic waste into the environment. If you’re disgusted by this — like we are — we highly suggest investing in vegan makeup that isn’t made up of animal byproducts or tested on animals. Vegan beauty is also environmentally friendly and often comes in packages that are kind to and sustainable for the environment. When it comes to shopping for beauty products — vegan or not — you can always check the package for the cruelty-free logo, which is usually pictured as a bunny and some logos also include the word “cruelty-free.”

  • Your Makeup May Contain Animal-Derived Ingredients

If you aren’t using vegan or cruelty-free makeup, you may find that there are ingredients in your makeup that are made of animal byproducts. Check out PETA’s website for a list of animal-derived ingredients that you can find in many beauty products. 

  • One-Use Disposables Create an Alarming Amount of Waste

Do you use products like cotton swabs, plastic toothbrushes or sheet face masks? Most likely you are — just like everyone else. But these products create so much waste that takes a lot longer to break down and can also endanger wildlife. Many single-use products have the potential to end up in the ocean, polluting it and threatening the quality of life for animals. 

  • Toxic Chemicals Can Be Found in Many Hair Products

Do you use hairspray or other aerosols like dry shampoo? While these products may come in handy in your day-to-day beauty routine, these products most likely contain hazardous and toxic chemicals that are not only released into the air and cause pollution, but they can also enter your bloodstream and have a negative impact on your health. 

How many of these beauty routines do you have in your regimen? We hope these insights empower you to make better choices for yourself and the environment.

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