Best Women Shirts And Blouses For Work
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Best Women Shirts And Blouses For Work

It is a widely accepted fact that working women feel most comfortable in wearing design blouses complemented by either jeans or formal pants. It gives a classy look and makes you feel happy in a working environment where generally decent clothes are preferred. 

One of the other advantages of wearing shirts and blouses to work is that there are so many different varieties and will never go out of style. They can be worn for everyday office runs as well as office parties. Since there are many varieties, let us look at the best ones that can be worn for work.

Seven Best Blouses And Shirts For Office Wear


1. Plain Shirts

Plain shirts in bright colours have been the go-to attire for a long time. They will give you a very sophisticated look. You can style these shirts with jeans and formal pants if you wish to wear a skirt with this shirt that would look very beautiful.

2. Floral Printed Shirts

Floral prints are considered to be stylistic classics and look good on all body types and all complexions. If you are going with floral design printed shirts, make sure to choose the colour which suits you well. Also, you will have an option to choose between a small flower print and a large flower print. 

You can wear a straight solid colour coat of floral design blouse while pairing it with formal trousers or skirts. The vibrant colours of your outfit will make you gain all the attention in your office that day.

3. White Shirt

White is always considered the best colour for formal wear. It gives you a crisp and strong look. Wearing a white shirt paired with the dark blue or black bottom will be one of the most simple yet best outfits you can wear to your workplace. A blazer can also be worn on a white shirt to enhance its crispness.

4. Denim Shirts

Denim shirts give you a cool look. Though denim leans towards casual wear, it is one the comfortable blouses for office wear. You can wear Denim shirts in two different ways:

  •  With a plain white t-shirt under an unbuttoned denim shirt over jeans.
  • Just the denim shirt over jeans.  

5. Checked And Striped Button-down Shirt

Checked and striped design on mild colour shirts in cotton material is the best blouse to wear to the office on a warm summer day. Button-down shirts can be tucked in jeans, and a belt can also be worn to improve the attire.

6. Vintage Designers Blouses

Vintage blouses help enhance the elegance in a woman and now have grabbed a spot in the office wear closet and are more than welcome. Vintage tops look both stylish and womanly. It can be worn with pants and skirts. Pencil skirts and line skirts are a must-have because they complement vintage dresses perfectly.

7. Assorted Designer Tops 

Assorted designs are again the ones that will grab everyone’s attention. The unique mixture of colours not only looks beautiful, but it also looks very different. A simple overcoat will make the outfit even better. Such designs are best suited for semi-formal and fully formal places more than suits for women. These blouses can be paired with formal pants, skirts, also bell-bottom jeans and palazzo.


Office wear tops and blouses are in a lot demand these days as they are easy to carry and comfortable to wear. You can visit the Ankur Modi Priyanka Modi (AMPM) website, one the leading fashion brands online, for a wide range of decent and beautiful shirts and blouses which can be worn to the office and other formal and semi-formal events.    


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