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Biggest Causes of Hair Loss in the 20s

Hair loss can be heartbreaking for people at any age but when it happens in the 20s, it’s brutal. Every year, millions of men and women spend billions of dollars on hair recovery solutions. 

However, it’s almost impossible to stop hair loss without understanding the causes behind it. That’s why we created this post after consulting Lordhair, the leading hair system supplier in the USA!

Learn about the major causes behind hair loss in the early 20s: 



Youngsters dealing with family problems, college issues, and work pressure often find it hard to manage stress. The psychological condition pushes our hair follicles into the resting phase and the same makes it harder for new hair to grow. 

Deficiency of nutrients 

Hair needs proper nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy. In the absence of a healthy diet, the hair strands can become weak, fall more often, and lose their natural shine. Add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet to give your body the right nutrition.

Excessive hairstyling 

A lot of products like shampoos and gels used for hair styling contain harmful chemicals that impose negative impacts on the hair strands and thus triggering hair loss. Avoid using excessive hair styling products to check hair fall. Consult a dermatologist to get the right hair products. 

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Men & women obsessed with weight often go for crash diets that stop the supply of essential nutrients to the body and adversely affect the overall health along with the hair. Stay away from fad diets in your twenties to retain your hair. 

Hormonal changes

One of the major reasons behind hair loss in the twenties is hormonal changes. These changes are normal and keep on happening as we enter different stages of life but some of them trigger hair fall. Work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle to minimize the negative effects of hormonal imbalance. 

Medical conditions 

People facing health conditions often face hair loss problems as well due to weakness and medicinal side effects. If your hair loss is aggressive and you are on medication, consult your doctor for medicine changes. 

Smoking & drinking 

While smoking reduces the flow of blood to the scalp and triggers hair loss, drinking in excess causes nutrient deficiency and triggers hormonal changes that are directly linked to hair fall. Minimize smoking and drinking in your 20s to retain your hair.


Dandruff causes itchiness which can make you scratch more frequently. The injuries caused due to scratching breaks hair follicles and could start hair fall. Wash your hair with the right hair care products to get rid of dandruff causing hair fall. 

Recover from hair fall in the 20s

Hair loss in the twenties is happening more often than it should. Consult a dermatologist in case you are facing excessive hair fall and there is no sign of ebbing. 

We hope that the above insights helped you get more clarity on your hair loss condition. Have questions in mind about hair fall? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from hair experts. 

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