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Best Magnetic Eyelashes: What Makes Them So Great?

Magnetic eyelashes are a way to wear false lashes without any annoyance associated with them. Instead of lash glue, which itself is quite messy and difficult to handle, it can also cause allergic, but these magnetic lashes stick on to your lashes with magnets.

Best magnetic eyelashes usually work by sandwiching your natural lashes between two fake lashes with magnetic strips, which attaches them the way lash glue normally would. Though they are a little pricier than traditional glue-on lashes or stick-on options, you can wear them for long hours, wash them, and reuse them multiple times. So, you get a lot of benefits from them too.

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?


Unlike traditional false eyelashes, these lashes stick to your eyelids with teeny tiny magnets, not glue. Forget everything you knew about false lashes. These magnetic lashes work by sandwiching your natural lashes between two strips of false lashes interlocking with each other with the help of micromagnets.

Some of the best magnetic eyelashes require you to apply a magnetic eyeliner on your lids first, then the magnetic lash on that eyeliner, but all these lashes have the same lengthening and plumping effect. Though these types of fake lashes are relatively new in the market, if you’re looking for a reusable and useful alternative to traditional falsies, want to add more volume to your natural lashes, or are done with using lash glue, try these best magnetic eyelashes.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes was formerly a niche in the world of false lashes, which is now going fully mainstream. Ready to try out the best magnetic eyelashes for yourself? Below are some easy steps to help you out in their application.

  • Begin with curling your natural lashes with an eyelash curler to create a solid base for the magnetic lashes.
  • Apply mascara to your natural lashes to enhance the look. This technique also allows falsies to stick to your natural lashes better, which makes the application smooth.
  • There are a top row and bottom row designated to the lashes in your lash kit. The top row is for the top of the lashes, and the bottom row is for underneath your top lashes. Take the top row lash and place it close to the top lash line.
  • Now take the bottom row lash and place it underneath your top lashes. The magnets in the strips will interlock as you do this, securing your lashes in place. If you need to adjust, grab the corner of that lash gently and pull to reposition it.
  • Repeat all the steps on the other eye.

With Magnetic Eyeliner

Apply your magnetic eyeliner they way you apply your traditional liquid or gel eyeliner. Wait for two minutes to place your magnetic lashes. Make sure that you wait till your liner is dry before putting on your lashes. You can touch your eyeliner to check whether its dry or not.

Now that your magnetic liner is dry, place the magnetic lash near your natural lash and see how the liner attracts the magnetic lash to your lash line.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes?

Grab the lash band of the magnetic lash and lift the outer corner of your lash on an excellent grip. Remove the lash by gently pulling it towards your inner eye. It will come off quickly without damaging your natural eyelash. In case of magnetic eyeliner, remove the magnetic lash first and then use a cotton swab to remove the eyeliner gently.

Why Are Magnetic Lashes so Great?

Magnetic eyelashes are way better than using traditional false lashes because you don’t have to use glue with these. Their application is more comfortable and less messy. They can be used as long as you take care of them, which is also a lot easier. Women have gone crazy about magnetic lashes because they are easy to use, super comfortable, reusable, natural-looking, and can be worn for hours.

Magnetic lashes are the less stressful cousins of traditional false lashes, that are not only easy to apply and remove but are not at all messy. There are two types of magnetic lashes, one work with snapping two lashes on the upper lash line, and the second type work with a magnetic liner on the lid. Lash glue can be very toxic for your eyes and can cause allergies; however, magnetic lashes are best to use if you want to avoid the mess.

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