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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Wholesale T-shirts

T-shirts are the most popular casual wear, especially in summers, being comfortable and, at the same time, classy. You can buy a wholesale t-shirt with a specific pattern or a plain one if you want to get it customized.

According to reports, the global custom t-shirt printing market was valued at $3.64 billion in 2020. 

If you buy a colorful selection of wholesale t-shirts, you need to know the following mistakes to avoid.

1)  Choose the Wrong Fabric


When looking for wholesale t-shirts, you need to consider your requirements first. Depending on your expectations, you may want to buy printed shirts or plain ones. After considering your needs, it is essential to look at the quality of fabrics used in making these garments.

If the fabric is thin and stretchable, it may not last long. On the other hand, the thick materials may be a good choice for printing on, but they will be difficult to wear and sit comfortably.

Standard fabrics are polyester, cotton, jersey knit, silk, and modal. They are suitable for every occasion.

2)  No Access to Style Options

With the availability of different wholesale t-shirts online, you must choose one which offers various style options. You should look at the patterns available in multiple colors before selecting any particular design.

Buyers need to buy wholesale t-shirts for men, women, and children. 

3)  Buying Cheap Coats

When buying t-shirts in bulk, you should look for quality over quantity. If you get a discount on a bulk order, there may be something wrong with the quality. Oversized orders will require a good deal, but in this case, you should avoid buying cheap coats.

4)  Wrong Size for Bulk Orders

Most people choose a colorful selection of wholesale t-shirts without considering their sizes. If you have bulk orders to place with your supplier, you must discuss this beforehand.

If the supplier offers you pre-shrunk t-shirts, it is wise to buy them. On the other hand, if they don’t, then consult with your supplier about the size options before placing bulk orders.

There are different sizes of wholesale t-shirts available from the supplier you choose. So, you must know about their size options first before placing a bulk order.

5)  Sticking to Fixed Suppliers

When buying wholesale t-shirts in bulk, you must discuss terms and conditions with the supplier before placing orders.

You should find out their payment terms, shipping options, and discounts offered. It will help you pick the right supplier who can meet your requirements without hassle.

6)  Postpone Quality Checks

It is important to take samples from the supplier as a buyer before placing bulk orders. You should check the quality of t-shirts before order placement to make sure you are not wasting your time and money.

For example, if you are buying wholesale t-shirts for summer festivals, you must be checking samples in summer season conditions.

The best way to have a successful purchase is to compare prices, quality, and quantity locally before placing your order online. So, make sure you know what qualities to look for when buying wholesale t-shirts.

7)   Neglecting Shipping Details

As a wholesale buyer, it is vital to get an idea about the shipping policies of your supplier. If you are buying wholesale t-shirts in bulk for summer festivals, you need to know if they provide free or express deliveries.

It will help you tremendously if you ask your supplier about their particular offers on wholesale t-shirts.

8)  Not Following Terms and Conditions

If you are buying wholesale t-shirts, it is vital to read all the terms and conditions before placing orders carefully. If anything is missing from your supplier’s website, ask them for clarification.

So, get an idea about their returns policy, warranties on products, etc., before purchasing wholesale t-shirts.

9)  Not Testing What you Order

Make sure that your supplier offers printed samples before placing bulk orders. You can get a clear idea about the quality and pattern of wholesale t-shirts by checking these samples.

So, it is vital to ask for samples if they are not available on your supplier’s website.

10)  Confusing Shipment with Delivery

Some of the suppliers offer both shipment and delivery options. But make sure you know before placing your order. Knowing these details beforehand will save a lot of time and money for you. So, choose a supplier who offers both shipment and delivery options before placing bulk orders for wholesale t-shirts.

Final Words 

If you get a discount on a bulk order, there may be something wrong with the quality. Oversized orders will require a good deal, but in this case, you should avoid buying cheap coats. 

Also, make sure you place bulk orders only with suppliers offering you reasonable prices for wholesale t-shirts. If they are charging high shipping rates, always negotiate before placing an order.

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