How Long Does it take to get used to Progressive Lenses?

It takes anywhere between a few days to 3-4 weeks to get adjusted to progressive lenses. This duration might seem long to some people, however, the ethereal experience full of comfort thereafter makes them forget all the discomfort. Yet, is there a way we can speed up the process of getting used to progressive glasses? Or make it easier? Yes, there is! But before that let’s understand what progressive lenses are, in brief.

Progressive lenses are such that they have multiple focal points. They are divided into three parts. One for near vision. One for distant. And one for intermediate distance. The third part is what makes them special because it allows your eyes to move in between the other two parts smoothly without any sudden change in focal points. 

To look at objects properly it is said to lower down your eyes and see from the lower part of the lens when something is near, say, if you are reading something. And to raise your neck and look from the upper part of the lens when you need to see something far away. For laptops and TVs, or everything in the middle, the intermediate section will help you out. 

How to speed up the adjusting process.

  • Do not switch between eyeglasses if you feel any discomfort.


It’s essential to use your progressive glasses as much as possible to make it a habit. When feeling uncomfortable while wearing them, it’s okay to give your eyes some rest. But do not switch to another pair of lenses. This change will make it problematic for your eyes to adjust to the new lenses and thus, will require more time.

  • Make the habit of moving your head.

Most people only move their eyes when trying to look at something. They move their heads only when required. But if you are wearing progressive lenses it is essential to move your head in the direction of whatever it is you are trying to look at. The reason is that when you mistakenly use the wrong part of the lens to see an object, its different focal points may cause blurry vision. Thus, moving your head is necessary to help you ensure that you are using the right part of the lens according to the distance where the object is that.

  • Avoid driving and other crucial activities.

Do not get hold of the stress of driving and similar tasks that need high alertness and proper vision. Not only will that be stressful for your eyes, but will also be life-threatening as you are not used to wearing progressive lenses. So, give yourself ample time to get habitual to wearing them before you step out to do such tasks.

  • Be patient.

It’s usually when people try to adjust quickly that they try different approaches that don’t really work. Know a few of the workable methods, like moving your head and wearing glasses as often as possible, and you will be good to go. Be patient and you’ll be enjoying the experience with your varifocals glasses. Yes, varifocals is another name for progressive lenses.

  • Buy a quality pair.

Many times, it’s because the lenses aren’t made accurately and not with the top-notch material, that you get that uncomfortable feeling with progressive glasses. Wrong strength of the lenses can worsen the situation and you may never get adjusted to them. That’s why Specscart ensures each pair of progressive lenses made at our advanced labs is of ultimately immaculate quality. We can do so, thanks to the technicians who have more than 20 years of experience. 

Also, when you buy glasses online at Specscart, the lenses have protective coatings like anti-glare, anti-UV and scratch-resistant ones, for free. These protect your eyes and make it super easy for you to adjust to your new pair.

Don’t lose the opportunity. If you have a progressive lenses prescription, get them made from Specscart today. Stylish and super-comfy frames await!

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