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Dermaflash: Get the Skin You’ve Always Dreamed of From the Comfort of Your Home

Exfoliation plays a vital role in the reduction of wrinkles and improving skin health. It can even clean pores and extract blackheads to leave smooth skin. Therefore, the popularity of skincare products like those offered by Dermaflash is continuously increasing. Dara Levy, a Chicago-based spa owner, developed Dermaflash’s three devices Dermaflash Luxe, Dermaflash One, and Dermapore to help women improve the appearance and health of their skin safely and effectively. Dermaflash is an award-winning technology that provides anti-aging, exfoliating, pore-clearing, and hair removing benefits without harming fragile facial skin. Regular use of this product promises rapid results that will last. 

About the Founder

Dara Levy is the creator of Dermaflash. The former spa owner, who is based in Chicago, realized that women did not have a safe way to perform dermaplaning from their homes. To address this need, Levy developed her line of skincare products so that women could use them to improve their skin without going to a medical spa.

Levy created the Dermaflash product for all women, regardless of their skin color, tone, or age. She sold her spa in 2016 to develop her Dermaflash products for home use. Today, the products are gaining popularity worldwide.

How to Use Dermaflash 

The founder designed Dermaflash for use once in a week to exfoliate the facial skin. Even though you can use the products on a standalone basis, it is highly recommended that you combine the treatments with soothe and prep creams. 

To start your facial skin treatment, wash your face thoroughly with the prep cleanser to remove the excess oil and debris. The Dermaflash cleanser ingredients include cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, a surfactant that reduces the surface tension between oils and water to enhance skin cleansing. After cleansing your face with this product and patting it dry, attach the scraping head, also known as the edge, to the handle. All of the blades come in a container, and you must click into the unit directly to remove one. 

After attaching the blade to the handle, start exfoliating your face by gliding across the facial skin gently. To avoid injuries, observe the contouring of your face when using the tool. Be careful to avoid shaving off the hairline or eyebrows. 

Once you are done with the exfoliation process, return the used blade to the plastic container to eliminate the chances of accidental nicks and cuts. Keep in mind that you should use each blade only once to avoid infections or making the blade’s surface uneven. An uneven surface will increase the chances of cuts during a treatment.

After removing the blade, follow up the exfoliation process with Dermaflash soothe cream. The soothe cream is designed to calm and moisturize the skin after exfoliation. It contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as capric triglyceride, glycerin, aloe vera juice extract, and honey. 


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