How to stick to fitness resolutions in the New Year

How to Stick to fitness resolutions in the New Year

Fitness can enhance your confidence levels and also makes your life Healthy and prosperous.

Okay, so if you’re one of persons who are planning for a fitness– related New Year resolution, start making it NOW. You cannot make a drastic lifestyle modification when the clock strikes 12! Here are some tips from experts:

Think it through


It takes a lot of perseverance to follow on your fitness goals. “The problem that most people run into is they won’t think through what they’re receiving into,” says Dean Gavindane, a certified trainer and CEO of a sports performance company. Understanding that your new diet and workout routine won’t achieve results overnight is the first step to detaching pounds and toning up.

Count those calories

It is simple: Eat less calories than you burn each day. Know how many calories you remain eating and how many you are losing, on a daily basis. Use a fitness tracker and a calorie-counting app.

Jot down daily

Jen Hazzard, a cross country coach and adjunct chemistry and physics professor at Fulton-Montgomery Community College, make her clients to maintain a food diary where they can record what they eat on a daily basis, spending every day as a standard for the next. She speaks about the diary is the way to be honest with yourself and to change the way you think about your nutrition changes. “I avoid the term diet,” says Hazzard. “It advises giving up things you love for things you don’t like. You should never make fitness about denial, but about result a middle ground. A good start to finding that middle ground is picking up the check certain meals like rewards,” he says. Here’s another tip: Cut downcast on managed and junk food from your diet.

Commitment of 66

Hazzard has also worked as a advisor for a wellness program called Commit to 66, which is founded on a 2009 study that showed the average length of time it took participants to form a new habit called 66 days. It’s important to recollect that 66 days was the study’s average, so it might take you more or lesser time. What’s important is setting a long-term goal. So, set a long-term goal to help you curb your compulsions and don’t get depressed.

Try New things

Don’t get into monotony at the gym. Be open to trying out new things. “Simple yet in effective exercises and workouts can be done in several different ways depending upon the time permitted and equipment provided,” says Tiffany Tatlock, a certified personal trainer, meal planner, and competitive bodybuilder.

Work out at home

If you don’t have the time to go to a gym or you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can still get a great workout. Try squats, jumps, pushups, crunches, skipping, kicks, planks, lunges, and more. Whatever fitness system you follow, make sure you take an expert’s advice. Stay fit, stay healthy.

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