How to Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone?

Guidelines to Pick the Right Foundation

  1. First and foremost, remember to test the foundation on your face, especially on the jawline. Never test on hand or wrist before buying.
  2. If you are buying it from a drugstore, be sure to find out whether or not it has a liberal return policy.
  3. If you have an oily skin type, then check the label of the product for words like mattifying’, oil-control’, or oil-free’.
  4. If you have a dry skin type, then check the label of the product for words like moisture-rich’ or hydrating’. These types of foundations will contain moisturizing elements that will combat dryness.
  5. If you have a combination skin type, first find out if your skin is more dry or oily type. Whichever type is in majority, you need to choose your product according to that.
  6. Cream-to-powder bases are better for combination skin types.
  7. If you want a product that can glide easily, then get the one that contains glycerin.
  8. Mineral foundations are good for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin types.
  9. A light coverage is suitable for those who possess a good skin, but want to even out some areas.
  10. A medium coverage is suitable for those who possess an uneven skin tone with blemishes.
  11. It is best to buy a foundation with a sunscreen. It will not just make you look fair but will also protect your skin.
  12. You even have an option of picking a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. This way, your skin will get moisturized and you will also get the added benefit of a foundation.
  13. Another option for those who do not like to use foundations is to wear a concealer. It will make the skin look fair, will even out the skin, and will also hide pimples or blemishes.
  14. Get a different foundation for day and for evening looks. A light foundation is suitable to be worn at work or on a weekend. A shimmery one is great for parties.
  15. Select a few colors that closely match your natural skin tone. Remember that yellow-based foundations look natural on all tones of skin. Pink and other cooler shades of foundations suit the fair-skinned people.
  16. Once you have selected some right shades of foundation for your skin tone, apply all of them in strokes on your cheek. The shade that is not visible and blends well is the right shade.
  17. Stand near a window or get out in the natural sun light to see how it looks.
  18. If you are buying from a drugstore, take the foundation bottles near a doorway, then holding them up to the neck area, check which one matches perfectly with your skin tone.
  19. Once you have purchased the foundation, go home and try it out. You can return it if it does not match properly.

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