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Showing skin is nothing new in the territory of style — the world’s most famous faces have long been in manner as much as they can get away with, both on the red carpet and off. But we’ve been observing an especially brazen kind of skin-baring this season: ultra-deep cleavage. Plunging necklines are back in fashion and are being sported by celebrities, making bold style declarations with fixtures.

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From bridal wear to casual lace up tops, attitude cleavage looks to be the all new rage! “The trend is making a comeback this season. But the trick is to preserve it elegant as it is very easy to go incorrect and look cheap,” opines Roshini Shah, a local designer. “Dipping necklines best suit maxi dresses as short ones can look a little vulgar, since there is already so much skin screening.

An easy way to covering up in a short dress, is with the help of sheer fabric or lace which can make the look go from worthless to classy,” says the designer. The trend has also sieved down to daily wear with even sweaters and tops having dropping necklines! “This can also be a great way to layer clothes, considering its winter. So a black slip under a white v neck sweater, spells out chic,” adds Roshini.

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The appearance has been sported by celebrities of all ages. From Deepika Padukone and Jhanvi Kapoor in Bollywood, to Kim Kardashian on the roads of Hollywood and Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscar red carpet, dipping necklines are everywhere!

“I think this is look is all about being super daring and a little more edgy,” opines Aditi Sarin, a fashion influencer. “There is an art to sense of balance the appearance and a way to style it without exaggeration it. It’s very important to wear a proper bra – can’t really display off the bra with a neckline that deep!” she advices before adding, “Accessorizing is key to this outfit. Minimal, thin jeweler adds an extra somewhat. Leave the neck bare and accessories with heavily embellished ear rings. A sparkly tackle and some strappy high heels are all one wants to complete the look!”

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To carry off this trend successfully, self-confidence is key, according to stylist Sonia Ajit Prasaad. “I think today dropping necks is not just about exposing it all. It’s sexy, sensuous but it’s got to be tasteful and elegant! To avoid seeing vampish or trashy, the look can be balanced out by donning   low cut tops or shirts and teaming it up with splendid frilled trousers or culottes.

For cocktails, beautiful velvets in low cut dresses – in its place of the long red carpet gowns, one could go for a shift dress or a skater dress. Alternative way of showing off the dropping neckline is also combination it with shirts or high neck tops underneath. So here there is less skin exposed and still looks beautifully attractive,” says the stylist from the city about the edgy trend.

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