Exercises To Build Muscle without Weights
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Top 10 Exercises To Build Muscle without Weights

Here is how to build muscle without weights and get fit in the ease of your own home.

You might think you should need a lavish gym membership or costly equipment in order to build muscle and workout efficiently, but effective results are still possible just by making use of your own body weight. Keeping that in mind, here come 10 best exercises that help you to build muscle without weights.

1.Running or Walking

Walk Park

No costly elliptical or treadmill is needed, simply your two legs and a pair of running shoes can do wonders.

Keep walking at a quick clip or running a slow jog for about 15 to 30 min to start. Try to increment 5 to 10 minutes in a week.


Pushups are one of the top muscle building exercises that you can do by self. This workout uses your own body weight and needs no further equipment. Pushups work well the upper body and enhance the growth of biceps and triceps. It also fortifies the shoulders and lower back and prepares your body well-suited for the strength training.

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Lie face down on the ground by holding your chest up with your both hands. Then, lower your body down as you breathe in and press your upper part of the body up while breathing out by squeezing your chest muscles. Pause in the contracted position for few moments and again lower your body down.


The pullups are one of the vital complex home exercises that tone the arm muscles, chest, shoulders and upper back. It is one of the hardest exercises that need extreme physical and mental strength.

Stand below a strong bar that can resist your complete weight. Hold it tight with both hands positioned shoulder width at a distance and palms are fronting away from the body. At this time, droop from the bar with your arms wholly extended and slowly pull your entire body up as your nose comes over the bar. Pause in this posture of few seconds and come back to the first position.


Crunches help with the core strength and even tone your middle section.

Lie down on a mat or even ground based on your comfort. Bend your knees until your feet stay flat on the ground. Cross your arms in front of the chest. Raise your shoulders to the ceiling by using your abdominal muscles and stay few seconds at the peak of the position. Don’t lift your complete back from the floor, as this can source back strain.

5. Tricep dips


To do this, just use your own body weight to build muscle. Sit at the edge of a chair or bench and put your hands at the edge of the bench, keeping knuckles pointing frontward. With both legs out fixed at a 90-degree position and feet indicating forward and elbows are adjacent to your side, lowering your butt down to the ground. Stop and return to sitting, putting pressure on the heel of your hands.

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Planks usually engage the complete core muscles, including the lower back, whereas crunches majorly target the belly.


Lunges are the flawless muscle building home workouts that develop the muscles of the lower body.

Have a step forward with the left leg and lay down by winding your left knee so that your right knee remains just above the ground. Now go back to the starting position and repeat the same movement with your right leg now.



Squats are one of the operative home workout exercises for the lower body that engrosses a big number of muscles at the similar time.

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Uphold a neutral spine and retain your chest and shoulders straight. At present, push your entire body back to the standing position by lashing through the heels. You can also embrace dumbbells while doing squats in order to make them more operative.

9. Bridges

This workout tones your glutes and core muscles, refining your balance and build muscle without weights. Kick your hips off the floor in order to make a diagonal line from your shoulders to knees.

10.Single leg Romanian Deadlifts


This is a killer workout at home to build muscle without weights. It tones up the core muscles and midsection of the body.

Clamp a weight in your left hand and balance your weight on your right leg by keeping the chest engaged and back straight. Then, bend the hip slowly and lower the upper body and at the same time lower the weight frontward. Here your left leg will go back and will be stretched at the back. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise with the other leg.


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