Quick Tips For Complete Party Makeup Looks

5 Quick Tips For Completely Unforgettable Party Makeup Looks

Have you ever been to a party and noticed that your face just didn’t look like you had much on? That is the power of a good party makeup look. You can be the star of the party, but not the star of the party makeup. If you have never tried a multi-liner with mascara before, or a waterproof eyeliner that will not clog your pores, then you have just found the answer to your prayers. R SQUO2.

Take The Basics

What will your party makeup be? A little shimmery, a little matte, a little glittery, maybe some shimmer and a touch of color. The key to a great look is having several colors so you can change your look at will. One of my favorite lipstick colors is R SQUO2.

Makeup look

For your party makeup look, you will want to start with a base that is one shade darker than your skin tone. For a daytime look you will want to use a foundation that has more color than your skin tone and for a nighttime look, use a darker foundation. For your smoky eye, a mascara that is darker than your eye color is necessary.

Steps for party makeup

Your first step in your party makeup is applying your primer. For a daytime look you will want to start with an oil-based powder primer. For a nighttime look you will want to use a matte primer. You can purchase these two primers separately or you may choose to buy them in conjunction. If you purchase the primer along with your eyeliner, it will give you more flexibility as to how much eye makeup you need to use and stay away from caking.

Second step

Your second step in your party makeup is to apply your eye shadow and mascara. You can purchase eye shadow at any drug store, a cosmetic counter at a clothing store, or you can create your own eye shadow with a special eye shadow brush. When applying your eyeliners, the easiest way is to outline your lower lashes first then add your upper lashes. You can either use a liner brush to do this or you can tap your finger against the inside of your eye to create a nice line.

Third step

Your third step in your party makeup look is to apply your eyelashes. To do this you will want to take one-half of your eyelash brush and place it on the back of your upper lids. Pull your eyelashes gently upward until they are visible along your lower lash line. For your lower lids, use a curling iron to create a curl.

Eye makeup

After you have completed your eye makeup steps for your eyelashes and your lower lashes, you can complete your party makeup look by applying mascara to your upper lashes. The best brands for this step are Colgate 24K and Idol Lash. You will find that these brands will provide you with unbelievable length and color, and that the application of mascara is easy and comfortable.

Fourth step

The fourth step for your eye makeup look is to add some bright color to your eyes with a little bit of eyeliner. The best brands to use to apply your eyeliner are R SQUOKE and Mega Lash. For a daytime look, you will want to use R SQUOKE in black and light blue. If you want to create a nighttime look, use Mega Lash in purple and light green. These are just some simple tips to get you started on your party makeup idea.

The fifth and final step is to add a highlighter to your eyelid area. You can choose from Maybelline New York in coral, turquoise, and pink. While you may have your highlighter ready to go when you get home from work, you may want to save it for the night before so that you don’t have to go crazy applying it. If you are attending a party, your highlighter may be the most important accessory that you can add to your outfit. You will want to choose a highlighter shade that is a couple of shades lighter than your everyday lipstick shade. This way, when you get to the party, you won’t need to worry about matching your lipstick shade to your highlighter.

Final step for your makeup

The final step for your makeup is to apply a lip liner to your entire lip. If you are attending a formal event or a wedding, this may be your best option because your lipstick and highlighter will not have time to dry before you enter the venue. If you choose to use a lip liner, however, do not use a cream based liner as your stain remover. Instead, purchase a matte lipstick liner that will give your lips a natural look and are easy to remove afterward.

These five steps are the most important steps to complete your own party makeup look. You can be the star of the night without breaking the bank by purchasing your own makeup at the store. Instead, take a chance and try some products that you have heard were good on the rave but you have never tried before. You will quickly find that you have a few new favorite makeup products.

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