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Cute Chic Bright Nails for Summer

Nails can be considered a girl’s best friend. They’re obsessed with their nails, clothes, perfumes, and accessories. Whenever a girl goes out, she tries to match her outfit color with her nails. Many girls love different shades of nail paints and love to experiment with their nails in different ways by doing nail art in different colors, patterns, and shapes.

As it’s time for summer, we love to get ready in the coolest way possible. Wearing summer outfits is the best choice, as they’re very comfy. Matching nails with the summer fits is more attractive as color plays a vital role in the attraction. Mostly bright colors are used in summers.

So, it is if you’re searching for the best combos for bright summer nails here. Start searching for the best collection you can wear on nails during summer. You are going to love it.

Bright Summer Nails:

Here are the top 20 combos for the best summer nails.

1.Gradient Summer Nails:

Gradient Summer Nails
Gradient Summer Nails

A combination of pink and orange is the best. Whether it’s an outfit of the same color or nail paint, it will look fab on every fit. It is the must-try color of summer.

2.Funky Summer Nails:

Funky Summer Nails are the perfect cute chic nails for the girls who love funkiness in their fits. As the blue and orange shades are ready to go combo.

3.Rainbow French:

Rainbow French
Rainbow French

The seven colors on your nails with shiny paint will make your nails more attractive than ever. This cute combination is finished with the cloud in the end. This French summer nail is must try for every girl who loves mail art.

4.Color Melt:

Heart Nails
Heart Nails

Color Melt is another nail art you can try during summer. One can use bright colors to show the melting color on the tips.

5.Heart Nails:

Heart Nails
Heart Nails

Heart Nails is another cute chic nail art every girl loves, inspired by the power puff theme. Many of them love the power puff theme, which is trendy nowadays.

6.Mix- n- match French Tips:

Mix- n- match French Tips
Mix- n- match French Tips

In the mix- n- match French Tips, bright colors are used to give the summer vibe, including different designs, which can be anything like cow print or cute white and blue clouds. This mix-n- match design is also trendy nowadays.


Glittery look suits every clothing you wear, whether it’s an Indian look or western. Golden glitter looks much better than any other, and its shiny tint is the best nail paint a girl can wear on her nails.

8.Daisy Print Nails:

Daisy Print Nails
Daisy Print Nails

Daisy Print is also trendy for Gen Z as many wear daisy Print t-shirts, have phone covers, and many more. A cute daisy print will be the best summer nail.

9.Sunset Beach:

Sunset Beach will give you a warm feeling as it combines orange and black ok the nails. This nail look will also give you a sunny side feels during summer.

10.Orange Tint:

Orange Tint
Orange Tint

The bright summer nail-perfect polish is here orange. They look orange gives on summer is on another level. The most recommended nail manicure is orange tint.

11.Rainbow Sass:

In Rainbow Sass, all your fingertips are painted with pastel colors which are very sassy to look attractive at the same time. One can paint their nails with bright colors also.

12.Neon Hint:

The Neon Hint is where the neon shade of any color splashes on the nail, which is very little but attracts more.

13.Cow Prints:

Cow Prints
Cow Prints

Cow Prints is the cool summer look. Colorful cow prints manicure gives your finger a fresh look and good vibes and is a to-do nail art for every girl.

14.Pink Hues:

In a pink hue, different shades of pink are used to give bright summer nails. Many other color hues are also used to make the combination and give your nails a perfect look.

15.Euphoria Nails:

Euphoria Nails
Euphoria Nails

Euphoria-inspired nails is for all euphoria lovers. They’ll love it because the different types of shapes printed on nails are very pleasing to see. It would help if you tried nail print this summer.

16.Shiny Sparkles:

The Shiny Sparkles is the combination of nude paint and anything you won’t make or press the stickers you love. The result will be amazing, and you will surely fall in love with it.

17.Black and White:

From the name itself, it is understandable that the black and white color is splashed on the nails. The swirls of black on white color give you a very formal look, and you can wear them at the office too.

18.Colourful florals:

Colourful florals
Colourful florals

Colorful floral is basic yet cute to wear on nails. In nude paint, the designs of floral are made in various colors.

19.Bright Blooms:

In this yellow color, nail paint is used to give a bright look on nails, which is also painted on nude nail polish. Various kinds of shapes and flowers are made with yellow color nail paint.

20.Cute Stickers:

Cute Stickers
Cute Stickers

For the cute stickers, one can use the lemonade or watermelon shape to draw on the nails. The shapes can be drawn on any light nail paint.


So, these were the top 20 best bright summer nail combinations one can keep in mind. Many other nail paint colors can be used as bright summer nails. The more trendy a girl wears, the more she wants the same nail look. The above-mentioned common nail look will go with every clothes one wears.


  1. Which is the most popular nail paint look for summers?

The Funky Summer is the most popular nail paint look for summer every girl does.

  1. Which is the cute nail art for the summers?

The Daisy Print is a must-try if a girl wants their nails to look cute.

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