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3 yoga poses to do without getting out of bed

You will do them in less than 5 minutes and with little effort. And they also promise, among others, two benefits: starting the day with energy and gaining discipline.

“People who do yoga in the morning are more faithful to practice and more disciplined,” says Gordana Vranjen, founder of the Mandiram centers (Barcelona), who details that following a small exercise table without having to get out of bed, “It helps a lot to establish a routine” and “it goes very well if you want to be more disciplined.”

Vranjen proposes 4 exercises as easy to perform early in the day you could do without almost realizing even have lengthened until late last night. “If you intend to practice for a month and a half, you will see how short – term connect yourself before going out, you get to know yourself more, and that also improves the relationship you have with others ”, details Vranjen.

Posture 1: knees to chest

Bring your knees to your chest and hug them. Your entire spine should rest on the mattress. In this pose, direct your breath to 3 different parts of your back. In total, take 9 breaths: 3 toward the bottom, 3 toward the middle, and 3 concentrating on the top. Always breathe deeply. With this placement there is maximum flexion of the hip and knees.

Posture 2: basic twist

Bring your knees to the left and your gaze to the right. Stretch and extend your right arm in that direction. The legs, flexed, must be above the navel, not below, since the lumbar area is stretched and unbeaten further, which lengthens the vertebrae. This is very beneficial to work the extension, since our posture during the day goes against gravity.

Concentrate on breathing towards the ribs, the central part of the body. This type of breathing works a very small musculature that is between rib and rib (the so-called intercostals), which makes the thoracic area remain as a safe to protect the most vital organs of the body. It also influences your good posture and helps you stay upright.

Perform the twist once to the left and once to the right by doing 5 breaths on each side.

Posture 3: investment

To end the routine, this pose will make you gain energy. Bend your knees and place your feet on the mattress. Reach out and touch the mattress with the palms of your hand. Breathe in and raise your arms until they reach over your head and touch the mattress, while arching your back up, simulating a small bridge. Exhale and reposition your back and arms in the starting position. Repeat this exercise 9 times. You have to synchronize the breath with the movement of the body.

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